Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts / Supernatural

Supernatural had it's debut episode on September 13th 2005. This show slipped under my radar at first, but a friend of mine caught me up with the story and I started watching from around the 3rd episode on a weekly basis. Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Two brothers that hunt demons and other paranormal creatures.

Before I get too into writing about this show, I need to state that I am not completely up to date with the newest season. However, I did see one of the best episodes of Supernatural that I have ever seen. This episode was during the fifth season, Dean ends up 5 years in the future and hangs with his future-self. His future-self is very battle-hardened and acts as a leader to his group of demon hunters. In that future, Sam has become the vessel for Lucifer and Dean believes it's his duty to take him out. Long story short, past-Dean ends up watching Sam take out his future-self without hesitation. I thought this episode was one of the highest points of the series, I then proceeded to watch the previews, which I hardly do. I couldn't wait to see what happens next.

Wait....what? Paris Hilton is what the next episode is about? Maybe I was being premature, but that ruined the show for me. Sometimes the humor works in this show, some of my favorite episodes are the more humor-oriented episodes. Sam re-living the same day over and over, Dean being infected with a ghost disease which makes him fear just about everything, just to name a couple.

Seriously though? Paris Hilton? Right after such a great episode too. I was also busy watching other shows at the time, so I wasn't too worried about dropping one of the shows I was watching. I had Fringe and Lost to keep track of, and any Lost fan will know how hard it is to keep up with everything in that show.

Now season 5 is over and somehow the show has been signed on for a 6th season. What I mean by "somehow" is that the creator, Eric Kripke, has stated in the past that he wanted the entire show to wrap up in 5 seasons. He has now dropped off as the show-runner and is now a hands-on executive producer for this upcoming 6th season. Wikipedia states that season 6....

"will focus on the brothers' relationship. The season will steer towards the format of the early seasons with "lots of meat-and-potatoes closed-ended episodes, and...a season-long story arc to weave in". According to a press release by the CW, Heaven and Hell are now in "complete disarray", forcing Sam and Dean to reunite to "beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn" that "roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape"

With season 6 beginning next month (Fridays at 9:00pm, Sept 24th) I have decided to do a re-watch of the entire series. I own some of the seasons on DVD so I can at least get a good start then maybe borrow the rest or do a little downloading for what I'm missing. I also have a Lost re-watch fast approaching with that show's Season 6 releasing on DVD later this month. But I'm sure I can juggle the two shows just fine. I'll also most likely be writing a lot more about each of these shows in the coming months. I haven't even begun to figure out a way to write a proper Lost article yet. My cousin gave me the simplest solution, write it in several connected parts. I think I'll follow that exact routine for all re-watches. So look for my season 1 of Supernatural thoughts in a future article. Thanks for reading everyone!

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