Saturday, September 4, 2010

Supernatural / Season 2 - Part 3

I took a little bit of a break from Supernatural (and writing in general, actually) for a few days. I had my brother over and we started watching Fringe. He's never really watched it before so I had to show him. He loves it, and I can't wait for season 3! Because of that quick re-watch though I've put my Supernatural re-watchness on a hiatus. Now I should be back on track though, at least for a little while.

Episode 10, Hunted (Written By: Raelle Tucker, Directed By: Rachel Talalay)

Dean finally does a little sharing with Sam. Dean tells him what daddy Winchester told him before he died. Dean needs to save his brother, or kill him. Shortly after, they visit the Roadhouse to call on Ash's skills to find more people with abilities like Sam. His search turns up a man named Scott Carey, but he was murdered a month before. Sam heads to Indiana alone to check it out for himself. A woman by the name of Ava follows him and tells him that she had a vision of Sam dying in an explosion, as well as seeing the death of Scott Carey. After stealing some files from Scott's psychiatrist, Ava and Sam find out that he was receiving messages from the Yellow-Eyed Demon. He seems to be gathering children for a war, for his army. Also, as it turns out, Gordon the hunter is back. Killing special individuals, and is now after Sam.

This season's really on a roll. This is another episode I truly enjoyed from beginning to end. So Dean might end up killing Sam? If he can't save him first that is. What father would put that kind of weight on his son? Pretty heavy stuff. I think Dean would do anything for his brother, but if "Croatoan" was any sign, I don't think Dean would waste his bro no matter what.

"Hunted" was a very Sam heavy episode, nothing wrong with that at all. I actually loved seeing Sam take charge of the situation. He left Dean behind and kept following clues until he almost got sniped by Gordon. He then dodges dual trip wires, gets beaten up by Gorden, but makes a serious comeback and kicks some ass. Not only that, he sent out an anonymous tip to the police and gets Gorden seriously arrested. Goodbye Gordon. At least for a little while.

I really liked that Ava chick though, but then she kills her own fiance and takes off god knows where. If she's capable of going dark-side then why can't Sam? She was more innocent than Sam will ever be. There was also sulfur on the scene so perhaps she was just simply possessed. Not sure, pretty sure we see her again sometime though.

Episode 12, Nightshifter (Written By: Ben Edlund, Directed By: Phil Sgriccia)

Sam and Dean check out some robberies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A former security guard named Ron Reznick has been compiling his own research into the mysterious robberies. Sam and Dean throw on an FBI disguise to get information from him and it turns out he has the right idea. Flashy laser eyes. That's right, we've seen that before. Clearly it's a ... mandroid? The Winchester brothers talk Ron into forgetting about the whole thing. They decide to go check out a bank they believe the shape-shifter is targeting next. They arrive as technicians and get into the camera security room. They find out who the shape-shifter is and when they go to apprehend him, Ron shows up with a rifle to take control of the situation himself.

Great episode. I'm not sure how many times the word "mandroid" was said, but it was damn funny each time. Ron had the right idea though, it was cool seeing a regular Joe doing the research. Sam went a little nuts while they were posing as FBI though. Dean even made the comment that Sam was a little too good at being a federal agent.

That Hendrickson guy really has it in for the Winchesters. He's been following them for weeks, he tells Dean. He knows all about their family and how they grew up, to Dean's surprise. Dean is a "monster", according to Hendrickson. The brothers are going to have to be much more careful when posing as government officials and perhaps hold back on using fake credit cards. Maybe they should hustle pool more often instead, might be safer.

Episode 14, Born Under a Bad Sign (Written By: Cathryn Humphris, Directed By: J. Miller Tobin)
Dean finds Sam, who's been missing for a week. Sam has no memory of where he's been or what he's done. After Dean helps Sam retrace his steps they find security footage of Sam murdering a hunter in his own home. Sam tries to talk Dean into killing him, when Dean refuses, Sam knocks him out cold. Sam then goes to pay a visit to my favorite Roadhouse member, Jo. Who's working at another bar since leaving the roadhouse awhile back. Sam attacks her and ties her up, using her as bait for Dean. Sam again tries to get Dean to shoot him, Dean instead throws holy water on Sam, which reveals that he's possessed by a demon.

It was nice seeing Bobby again in this episode. It was even nicer to get a bit more Jo into the show. Bobby's always bad-ass and seems to have an answer for everything. Holy water in the beer to trick Sam? Hell yeah. Bobby just stood there drinking his beer while Sammy is choking and steaming from his mouth. Jo was playing the damsel in distress, yet again. It would be nice to see her again but having a bigger role next time, but I don't recall her appearing in the show again. I could be wrong of course, it's been a couple years. Even so, it was great seeing her again.

Bad Sam is always fun to watch. What isn't fun to watch though, is Dean's reaction to everything in this episode. I can't imagine how worried he must of been not knowing where his brother was for a week. Watching Dean's reaction to all the clues that Sam went darkside was a little bit heartbreaking. It seems like Sam's big brother will be completely helpless to do anything for Sam in the future. Maybe Bobby can come up with something if Sam snaps someday.

Alright, not sure when I'll be watching more Supernatural since a lot of new games will be coming out in the next few weeks. It's also September so all my shows will be starting up again so we'll see what happens. If I can ever get my hands on a laptop it'll make writing a hell of a lot easier. I can't wait to see what really happens next though. Thanks for reading!