Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I've Been Up To / Productivity

Hey, long time no see. I've neglected this blog for all too long because I believe it's time to move onto something better. Sure, I'm still nailing an average of 100 visitors a day, but it's just not quite what I wanted to be doing by now. I was hoping to keep growing this site into something significant, but I realize now that it would be impossible to do that using Blogger.

If there are people out there that have frequently visited this blog, thank you so much. If I wasn't getting the traffic that I've been getting (there were a few days in January where I hit about 500-600 visitors per day) I wouldn't have continued down this road with the confidence I have now. Even though I feel that I can do something successful and meaningful with all that I've learned from running this small site, I don't think I can reach the level of quality I want using the tools and web knowledge I currently have. I need to move onto something else in order to pursue my dream of creating a profitable website with effective content.