Thursday, August 19, 2010

Castle Crashers incoming! (finally)

Castle Crashers is a downloadable side-scrolling old-school-esque beat-em-up with light RPG elements.

A buddy of mine has been telling me about this game for quite awhile now since he's been able to play it on his Xbox since 2008. The creators, "The Behemoth" have been posting on the Official Playstation Blog getting PS3 players ready for the PSN release.

I'm a sucker for classic looking games. I fell right in love with Scott Pilgrim: The Game, and Castle Crashers seems like it might be something similar. Also, the game's soundtrack was done by members of Newgrounds

Castle Crashers for PSN will release on August 31st. The game will retail for $14.99 according to a post by one of the developers on the PS3 Blog. But with 4 player online included, I think that's well worth the price. I loved Scott Pilgrim: The Game but it had no online to speak of and was $9.99.

The PS3 release also has some extras not currently available in the Xbox version, including some volley-ball mini-game as well as 2-vs-2 and 1-vs-3 competitive modes.