Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Supernatural / Season 1 - Part 2

This is the second part of my season 1 re-watch. If you need to read part one, you can find it here. Also, it should be obvious, but there are spoilers ahead.

I've enjoyed the majority of episodes so far, with only a few that I had trouble getting through. I've seen this season more than a few times before though, so I remembered the filler type episodes pretty well.

I'll be commenting on the episodes that I liked most, as well as providing brief summaries. Then finishing up with some final thoughts as I go into the final two episodes of the season.

Episode 11, Scarecrow (Written By: Patrick Sean Smith, Directed By: Kim Manners)

Sam and Dean get separated after arguing about whether or not to pursue their father. Dean goes on to hunt a scarecrow god that accepts yearly sacrifices, while Sam hitchhike's his way toward their father, or at least where he thinks he might be. On his way he finds a fellow hitchhiker named Meg.

Scarecrow was a pretty interesting episode. For the first time we get to see Dean take care of things himself, for the most part. Sam shows up in the nick of time towards the end though.This episode had a pretty awesome ending with the shocker that Meg isn't so innocent.

Episode 12, Faith (Written By: Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker, Directed By: Allan Kroeker)

While battling a creature, Dean gets electrocuted and is hospitalized. Doctors give him a few weeks to live due to heart issues. Sam takes his brother to a faith healer and of course, Dean is extremely skeptic. Dean gets called up onto the stage and is miraculously healed. He then feels something is wrong and sets out to find out how his heart issues were cured.

I'm not even really sure why I like this episode so much, but it probably has to do with the Blue Oyster Cult's - Don't Fear The Reaper scene. Pretty damn awesome. Also, I'm starting to realize that the writers use Dean in a lot of emotional scenes. Most likely because he's so, well, not emotional. It makes it that much more of a big deal for the viewers when Dean's crying about something. If Dean's crying, you know it's bad. Either that or he's a big baby and just covers it up with awesome. That's probably it.

Episode 14, Nightmare (Written by: Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker, Directed By: Phil Sgriccia)

Sam has a vision of a man being murdered in Michigan. When they arrive they find him dead, and it's made to look like a suicide. The Winchester brothers talk to the man's son, Max. Sam and Dean fail to find anything supernatural, until the uncle dies as well. It turns out that the son Max is the one killing off his family. How? With telekinetic powers of course.

Now this is an excellent episode. I think I said in my last Supernatural article that a different episode was my favorite of the season, but this one is, at least so far. I still have a few episodes to go before the season's done. Max is one freaky kid. I got goosebumps a few times during this episode, despite having seen it a few times before. Haven't seen it in years though.

Lots of great moments. Finding out how Max's mom died. Watching Dean get shot in the head, then seeing it was a vision of Sam's. Hearing about how Max grew up with all those beatings. Sam telekinetically freeing himself from the closet to help save his brother, just in the nick of time too. The vision that Sam has involving Max killing his mother was particularly gruesome, knife to the eye, ouchers. Good stuff in this episode.

Episode 16, Shadow (Written By: Eric Kripke, Directed By: Kim Manners)

The brothers find a symbol of blood while investigating a suspicious murder. This clue eventually leads to Meg. Who supposedly just randomly ran into Sam in a bar. She's been controlling a Daeva demon to draw in the Winchester brothers.

This episode isn't one of my favorites, but some important things happen. John Winchester makes a return, but he has to leave again because he feels weaker around his boys. Meg also proves that she's not going to be so easy to take down.

Episode 20, Dead Man's Blood (Written By: Cathryn Humphris & John Shiban, Directed By: Tony Wharmby)

An old hunter is killed by a group of vampires. He tries to save himself by using an old Colt pistol. This pistol has the ability to kill anything. Even something supernatural. Sam and Dean, with the help of their father, try to track down these vampires and find the Colt.

This episode introduces vampires, and they aren't exactly what you'd expect from legends. Only way to kill them is by beheading. So no staking allowed. I love that the Colt was introduced, this is about the time when I was seriously hooked on Supernatural. I love stories that revolve around ancient artifacts and weapons. Stuff like that. Also, the gun is just plain badass. You get to see an awesome supernatural-esque death when the gun is used near the end of the episode.

That's about all I've seen for now, I'll be watching more today and probably be done by tomorrow. I'll try and post up the rest of my highlights and thoughts of Supernatural Season 1 as soon as I can. Thanks for checking it out.