Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preview / Final Fantasy XIV

Since 2004 I've played Final Fantasy XI on my PS2. That's a single game for about 6 years, on an aging system no less. Although I've played on and off for those 6 years, it's still hundreds of hours that I've invested. Why? Because Final Fantasy XI is hardly the game it was 6 years ago. What does that mean? MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game's) add new content almost on a monthly basis, therefore keeping things fresh. Not to mention that there is always something new to work on. It could be a new job class to try out, quests, crafting, or helping friends/new players, etc.

The only downside to paying monthly in an MMORPG is that it can become quite costly depending on your budget. Paying nearly $15 a month to play can turn away some gamers. Especially the younger crowd without credit card access. For some this is music to the ears, I've found the majority of players are more mature (as opposed to say, Call of Duty players who play online for free) and with all the content and updates you get by paying, it's easy to see why this genre is growing. This is in large part to World of Warcraft, an MMORPG targeted at the casual and hardcore. I've found that paying $15/month for a great MMORPG can save me money in the long run. No need to purchase a new full-priced game each and every month when I always have something new and exciting to do in an MMORPG.
When the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV finally releases (Sept 30th, 2010 on PC, 2011 for PS3) you can be sure I'll be laying down my $15/month to get access. I will probably be waiting for the PS3 release as my PC is nowhere near up to snuff.

I've provided some very useful links below to help anyone who isn't caught up with info on FFXIV. Some links are provided by, easily THE place to go regarding anything FFXIV related. Be sure to check out the FFXIV
Crystal Core Podcast before you leave their site. Also the Official Final Fantasy XIV website is a good place to check out. Thanks for checking this out! Please comment.

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