Be A Guest Poster!

I want YOU to be a guest poster on my website

Written a PSN or PS3 video-game review or preview? Send it in and I'll post it on my site. I'll also accept ANY classic gaming article as well, so send em in!
How about a Television related post? Are you a big fan of Fringe, House, or Dexter? Send in an episode review or a season preview (for example) and they'll get promptly posted on the front page of this website.

Post Requirements:

Give me your best shot! I want the best posts you can come up with! About 400+ words should be enough. I understand the temptations to keep your best blog posts for your own website and give a half-hearted effort to my blog, but please don't do that. We're all in this together here and I have no problem with the same article being posted on your own blog as well.

Go over your posts a few times with a fine comb and make sure the grammar and spelling are adequate. I'm a serious nitpicker when it comes to spelling. So use spell-check!

Send links with your posts to your own articles or other websites if you so desire. Keep them clean though!

If you want any images to go up with your post then let me know, or send them to me if you have some picked out. I really don't mind finding pictures for you though.

Where do you send in your article?

Send in questions, comments, and of course the full articles to

That's about it! Keep it simple and relevant to gaming, television and/or personal growth. Feel free to make the articles as personal as you like! So go get writing!