Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thoughts / Borderlands

My Thoughts:

Borderlands is often described as a Shooter/Role Playing Game, which fits it pretty well I think. It doesn't have the huge and deep story that a lot of RPG's have, but it also isn't the most accurate First Person Shooter out there. There's just something about it that keeps players coming back. There's that feeling that each time you pop Borderlands in, there's the small chance that you'll find something you've never seen before. Hell, I know for a fact that there are things I haven't seen in the game before. On Gearbox's forum (who are the developers of Borderlands) you'll find  players listing their favorite items that they've discovered, I've seen plenty that I would love to have. But with over 87 bazillion guns it's difficult to find 'em.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Supernatural / Season 2 - Part 2

This is part 2 of my season 2 re-watch. If you need to read part 1 you can find it right here. I've been reminded today that I've been writing a lot of video game related posts lately, so I think I should try to finish this Supernatural article by midnight, I'll certainly try my best anyways. This block covers episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Also, since I'm running out of Supernatural related images to throw around on the articles (and I'm only in season 2!) This one will be Jo-arrific, probably throw some images in of the other Roadhouse crew as well, gotta keep things interesting eh?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sony shows off new Playstation Move tech-demo

Playstation Move had a great showing when it was first shown off at E3 a little more than a year ago. Microsoft had just shown their new camera system for the Xbox and Sony showed them up big time. Sony actually showed off live tech demo's on stage and right away I knew Sony wasn't aiming for a Wii knock-off.

Final Fantasy XIV Pre-Release Trailer

I only found this video a moment ago, but it completely blew me away. I don't think I've ever been so hyped up for this new Final Fantasy MMO as I am right now. The music, the cut-scenes, the battles, all are equally epic in this trailer. Check it out below.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Supernatural / Season 2 - Part 1

This is part 1 of my season 2 re-watch of Supernatural. If you haven't read my season 1 articles you can check 'em out by using the sidebar on the left of this page. Or click the label: "Supernatural" at the bottom of this article

I'll only highlight the episodes that really need it, as well as my thoughts on the best moments from each. I think I could perhaps write about every episode this season so far though, even the ones that seemed like filler had important moments.

Final Fantasy XIV fans freak out, SE responds. Also, new FFXIV Video!

I've been reading more than a few negative articles from sites like PSXE and Eurogamer on FFXIV. Some translated information came out around the time Gamescom was going, they are about how players gain experience in FFXIV. Or rather, how you don't gain any after so much playtime. I didn't believe the details for a second. Even though Square-Enix hasn't been good to me over the last handful of years, I don't believe they are stupid.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots

I've been following Final Fantasy XIV since it was announced at E3 last year. Due out September on PC and 2011 for PS3, FFXIV is going to be taking up a lot of my time. I've accumulated a boat load of screenshots, all of which are available for browsing on my Facebook page. I've decided to write a brief post containing all of my favorite screenshots so far. Enjoy!

Parasite Eve on PSN before 3rd Birthday

The original Parasite Eve was one of my favorite games on the old PS1. I don't hear enough about it from gamers nowadays though, but I think the gameplay even holds up with today's RPG releases.

Square-Enix may be making every single one of their franchises action oriented for the twitch gamers out there (Thanks Call of Duty! You're awesome) but believe it or not, they used to be known for their RPG elements. I didn't enjoy Parasite Eve 2 very much, they took out all the things that I loved about the first one. Parasite Eve had a very intriguing story, customizable weapons and equipment, excellent music, an equally excellent battle system, and some truly amazing CG scenes for it's time. The second one didn't really keep my attention for long.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Supernatural / Season 1 - Part 3

This is my 3rd article about my re-watch of Supernatural, you can find the first part here if you need to read that yet. Or check this one out if you just want to know my thoughts on the show in general. Only these re-watch pages will have spoilers, so you've been warned if you're new to the show.

Supernatural / Season 1 - Part 2

This is the second part of my season 1 re-watch. If you need to read part one, you can find it here. Also, it should be obvious, but there are spoilers ahead.

I've enjoyed the majority of episodes so far, with only a few that I had trouble getting through. I've seen this season more than a few times before though, so I remembered the filler type episodes pretty well.

Lost Season 6 DVD/BD

Season 6 of ABC's Lost was released today on DVD and Blu-ray. I have not picked it up yet because I'm waiting for the Blu-ray complete set to be available on I'm guessing it'll be well over $299.99 though, so it might have to wait for awhile. I'm trying to save up for a laptop before I buy anything else major. I'll list the features of both the stand-alone season 6 set, as well as the complete set just ahead.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Preview / Little Big Planet 2

I beta tested the Create mode for the original LittleBigPlanet, building a giant monster truck that held up to 4 players simultaneously. The idea was that you'd all jump into this truck, then traverse a chaotic wasteland of cardboard blocks, eventually exiting the vehicle to move through an obstacle course of sorts, then reaching the end. Pretty simple stuff compared to the levels available now.

The Music of Scott Pilgrim: The Game

I've noticed that my Scott Pilgrim article has been more popular than anything else I've written, and by quite a bit actually. So I've decided to write another one about my favorite part of this game, the freakin' music.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thoughts / Dexter

"Set in Miami, the show centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood spatter-pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, who moonlights as a serial killer. The show's first season was loosely based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, the first of his series of Dexter novels." - Wikipedia

Dexter is radically different than any other television show out there. The protagonist is a killer, he kills people. Not just any people though, he has rules, a code. He murders people that have done wrong, usually other murderers themselves.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Preview / Fallout: New Vegas

On October 19th I'll be jumping into the world of Fallout once again, this time in Las Vegas. Since the release date is right around the corner, I've been looking up all the info I can find on Fallout: New Vegas, which will be the second Fallout game to grace my PS3.

Fallout 3 is still one of the best games I've ever played. There aren't many games that I can invest over one-hundred hours into, and yet still keep finding new things to do. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Supernatural / Season 1 - Part 1

With all of the Gamescom stuff going on in Germany I've been writing a lot of game related articles. Tonight I think I'm going to write about my Supernatural re-watch. I plan to go through the entire first season for now, then the rest some other time, until I'm completely caught up.

If you've read my previous article on Supernatural you'll know that I stopped watching in the middle of the last season. I'm currently on disc-2 of the season 1 DVD set. Right before episode 10, which is entitled Asylum. I'm going to write about some of the episodes of this season so far, so be prepared for some spoilers since I may go in depth for episodes that I especially liked.

Castle Crashers incoming! (finally)

Castle Crashers is a downloadable side-scrolling old-school-esque beat-em-up with light RPG elements.

A buddy of mine has been telling me about this game for quite awhile now since he's been able to play it on his Xbox since 2008. The creators, "The Behemoth" have been posting on the Official Playstation Blog getting PS3 players ready for the PSN release.

Eorzea: The Making of a Realm #4

This video I've pasted below is pretty stunning. I can't wait to get into Eorzea, I'm planning on running a second blog just for this game.

I'll be posting updates most likely every single day, along with screenshots as long as the game is capable of taking them. Final Fantasy XIV releases for my PS3 sometime next March, the PC gets it as of September 30th (a little earlier if you pre-order the collectors edition)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NHL 11 Demo

I played the hell out of NHL09 on my PS3. This was the perfect NHL game, except for the lack of trophies. When NHL10 was released I made no hesitation to buy it, but I was disappointed in some ways. There were a few horrible bugs, EA was trying to force you to buy ridiculously expensive stat upgrades for online play, and the two new additions of first person fighting and the Be a GM mode did not interest me at all. The bugs never got fixed either, so I've been extremely hesitant in even keeping up with what NHL11 was going to offer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sony at Gamescom

First off I want to say that EA announced that Mass Effect 2 will be coming to the PS3 January 2011, with "hours of extra content". Sounds awesome and can't wait!

Gamescom was today and Sony's conference brought some pretty big news. A quick teaser for Resistance 3, and a Gran Turismo 5 release date of November 3rd. I'm not a huge racing fan but I would love to at least play a demo for this game, if only to see how gorgeous it looks in HD. I played quite a bit of GT3 on the PS2 but that was it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thoughts / Lost

First off, the only story spoilers ahead are about the Pilot episode synopsis, so no worries for those who haven't finished yet. Alright, time to take a deep breath...

Welcome to Lost, the greatest show ever created for television. Seriously. Well I believe that to be true at least. This show vastly altered the way I perceive storytelling , raising the bar for any television show trying to capture my attention.

Since it's premiere episode, "Pilot", all the way to the final episode "The End", I've opened up my mind to new goals and personal ambitions that I would've previously thought to be either pointless or trivial. The television show isn't completely to thank for this; I've listened to so many podcasts full of hours upon hours of insightful and intelligent conversation about Lost. So I guess in some ways, Lost changed my life

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts / Supernatural

Supernatural had it's debut episode on September 13th 2005. This show slipped under my radar at first, but a friend of mine caught me up with the story and I started watching from around the 3rd episode on a weekly basis. Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. Two brothers that hunt demons and other paranormal creatures.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thoughts / The Big Bang Theory

"Set in Pasadena, California, the show is about two fictional Caltech geniuses, one an experimental physicist (Leonard Hofstadter) and the other a theoretical physicist (Sheldon Cooper), who live across the hall from an attractive blond waitress and aspiring actress (Penny). Leonard and Sheldon's geekiness and intellect are contrasted for comic effect with Penny's social skills and common sense. An aerospace engineer (Howard Wolowitz) and a particle astrophysicist (Rajesh Koothrappali) are their equally geeky and socially awkward co-workers and friends."  - Wikipedia

It was sometime during the second season when a friend told me I had to watch "Big Bang". He gave me the first episode and even though each one has a run time of only about 20 minutes, I couldn't finish it. The laugh track (where a fake audience laughs at every little joke) really threw me off, I know... I'm weird.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thoughts / Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game

I really didn't expect much from this game. I saw the movie previews and had no idea what was going on, or what the movie was even about. Last Tuesday I noticed that the Playstation Network had been updated with a free demo of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game. I had no idea a game version of the movie was coming out. I knew that game versions of movies never tend to be good, but to my surprise, it's one of the most enjoyable games I've played on the PSN to date. Right up there with the Pixel Junk series of games, and a few others like Flower and Fat Princess.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thoughts / True Blood

I'm going to start off by saying that I've never seen Twilight, nor do I plan on seeing it. It just isn't for me. I don't particularly like that whole emo teenage girl fascination with vampires thing.

I went into watching True Blood, due to plenty of friends recommendations, thinking it was going to be about a human and a vampire being all lovey dovey, but they can't be together because one's like... dead and stuff. Okay, that's pretty much the central story of True Blood for at least the first half of season 1. I was certainly feeling a little bit of regret when I got finished with the first few episodes, but I had 10 all ready to watch so I wasn't going to stop, might as well see if it gets any better. To my surprise, it did. There are still moments where I cringe at the cheesy-ness, but usually it's overshadowed by a much darker storyline going on elsewhere, sometimes balanced out by involving the other characters in separate story lines.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preview / Final Fantasy XIV

Since 2004 I've played Final Fantasy XI on my PS2. That's a single game for about 6 years, on an aging system no less. Although I've played on and off for those 6 years, it's still hundreds of hours that I've invested. Why? Because Final Fantasy XI is hardly the game it was 6 years ago. What does that mean? MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game's) add new content almost on a monthly basis, therefore keeping things fresh. Not to mention that there is always something new to work on. It could be a new job class to try out, quests, crafting, or helping friends/new players, etc.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Thoughts / Breaking Bad

"A struggling high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), is diagnosed with terminal stage three lung cancer, and resorts to selling drugs to provide for his pregnant wife and handicapped son. On a ride along with his DEA agent brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris), he sees a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), fleeing the scene of a meth lab. He contacts Jesse and devises a scheme to cook and distribute methamphetamine in order to pay for his treatment and leave his family financially stable." - Wikipedia

During the summer of 2009, my cousin and I did a little camping in another family member's back yard. We pitched our tent and proceeded to run an extension power cord from the house to our freshly built sleeping quarters. We then began hooking up his PC... in the tent (That's how we roll). "Have you ever heard of Breaking Bad?" he asked. We watched all 7 episodes of the first season on his computer and then followed it up with some unrelated HD nature documentaries.