Thursday, August 26, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV fans freak out, SE responds. Also, new FFXIV Video!

I've been reading more than a few negative articles from sites like PSXE and Eurogamer on FFXIV. Some translated information came out around the time Gamescom was going, they are about how players gain experience in FFXIV. Or rather, how you don't gain any after so much playtime. I didn't believe the details for a second. Even though Square-Enix hasn't been good to me over the last handful of years, I don't believe they are stupid.

The articles stated that after 8 hours of playtime, you would slowly stop gaining ANY experience. This caused a huge ruckus online, and every forum I've visited was full of negative comments and feedback. Hardly anyone even stopped to think that Final Fantasy XIV is still in beta testing, closed beta testing at that. The only site I recommend (other than the official site obviously) is FFXIVCORE for any and all FFXIV information. Their podcast is also top notch, so check it out.

The following article from FFXIVCORE is Square-Enix's response to all the talk that's been going on while their head developers were away at Gamescom. You can read it here, and please check it out if you're interested in FFXIV. I think this experience cap sounds like an excellent idea, as long as it's implemented correctly. It would keep the hardcore (there's some crazy hardcore people out there) and the casual on a decent playing field.

Anyways, Final Fantasy XIV releases right at the end of September on PC only. If you pre-order the game you get to play it a week earlier than the people that buy it in stores.

A new video has also been released by Square-Enix. Eorzea: The Making of a Realm #5, which I'll paste below. I gotta say, it's so nice seeing actual wooden boats again. This strangely feels like a true Final Fantasy, despite it being an MMO game. I can't wait to get involved in this game and with the FFXIV community. It's too bad that I'll need to wait until the PS3 release this coming March (assuming there's no more delays of course) but that should give them plenty of time to work the kinks out and add even more content.