Monday, August 16, 2010

Thoughts / Lost

First off, the only story spoilers ahead are about the Pilot episode synopsis, so no worries for those who haven't finished yet. Alright, time to take a deep breath...

Welcome to Lost, the greatest show ever created for television. Seriously. Well I believe that to be true at least. This show vastly altered the way I perceive storytelling , raising the bar for any television show trying to capture my attention.

Since it's premiere episode, "Pilot", all the way to the final episode "The End", I've opened up my mind to new goals and personal ambitions that I would've previously thought to be either pointless or trivial. The television show isn't completely to thank for this; I've listened to so many podcasts full of hours upon hours of insightful and intelligent conversation about Lost. So I guess in some ways, Lost changed my life

This next part will be a synopsis of the Pilot episode and a few thoughts from me (It ended up being a lot of thoughts), followed by some hopefully helpful links to just a small fraction of the fan-sites and podcasts that are available. Those fan-sites could very well contain spoilers, so tread carefully. This is one show you do not want to get spoiled on. Trust me.

Pilot, Part 1 launched on September 22nd, 2004. A plane traveling from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes over an island in the Pacific. Only 48 passengers survive the crash. Among them is a spinal surgeon named Jack Shephard, who begins his story waking up in a bamboo forest on this mysterious island. Jack tends to the wounded and begins his search for the cockpit with hopes of alerting the mainland.

Thus begins a 6 season journey of life, death, friendship and love. The continuing theme tends to be good versus evil, black versus white, science versus faith. Always a struggle between one side and the other. Whether it be our "Losties" against the Others, Charlie coping with his drug addiction, or John Locke finding his purpose in life, which is my personal favorite.

I think anyone on this tiny planet can find a connection to these themes, as well as the individual characters and their centric episodes. I think I could probably pull a personal life connection, no matter how minuscule, from each and every episode of Lost. I've done so many re-watches of the entire series though, and yet I always find something new to think or talk about. Or even theorize about with friends and family.

Theorizing has always been an important part of Lost for me. Opening your mind up enough to try and put the puzzle together without having all the pieces, or even the picture on the puzzle box! Without all those podcasts, full of people much smarter than I am, and all in different ways with different areas of expertise, I truly would have been lost throughout it all.

Here are some of my favorite Lost podcasts I've listened to over the years, not really in any particular order. Well, I guess they are ordered by which ones came to mind first.

Jay and Jack's Lost Podcast

The Transmission

The Lost Revisited Now

The Lost Mythos Theorycast

Jacob's Cabin

Donald is Lost

Keys to Lost

The Smoke Hatch

Behind the Cutting Edge

The Black Rock

Lost Mirror Moments

Sorry if I forgot anyone!

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