Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Music of Scott Pilgrim: The Game

I've noticed that my Scott Pilgrim article has been more popular than anything else I've written, and by quite a bit actually. So I've decided to write another one about my favorite part of this game, the freakin' music.

Anamanaguchi is the name of this chip-tune band from New York City. The band consists of 4 members, lead song-writer Peter Berkman, bassist James DeVito, guitarist Ary Warnaar and drummer Luke Silas. They create this old-school sounding music via synthesizers, although not the kind you'd expect. They use a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System. Old-school indeed.

Anamanaguchi's official site can be found here. You can listen to some track samples here as well as more information about the band. I've also posted some youtube links that will take you to some of my favorite tracks from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game. Check em out, like, right now!

Leo's Place
Clash At Demonhead
Lucas Lee
Making Movies