Thursday, September 30, 2010

Supernatural / Season 3 - Part 1

I'm finally back to write about more Supernatural! It's been a couple weeks or so but I finally have my hands on seasons 3 and 4 (Thanks Brad!) and plan to watch a lot more in the coming weeks. This block will cover the first 2 discs of the DVD so that's about 7 or 8 episodes. I won't be discussing all of them but I've noticed that a lot of them, filler or not, have been excellent. I'll try to find my favorite 5 episodes or so from the block to write about.

Episode 1, The Magnificent Seven (Written By: Eric Kripke, Directed By: Kim Manners)

The season begins with brothers Sam and Dean Winchester bracing themselves for the possibility of an apocalyptic war. They realize that hunting down the hundreds of demons that escaped from the Devil's Gate—a doorway to Hell briefly opened at the end of the previous season—will be an enormous task. With only a year left to live—he made a demonic pact to resurrect Sam—Dean decides to live life to the fullest and exhibits a carefree attitude that troubles Sam, who is trying to find a loophole in the pact. Friend and fellow hunter Bobby Singer informs the brothers about a supernatural sighting in Nebraska, which turns out to be seven demons that are the manifestations of the Seven Deadly Sins. - Wikipedia

A decent way to start the season, but nothing special really. This episode didn't really feel like a premiere episode much. Mostly generic bad guys, besides the small fact that there's seven of them. Sam and Dean weren't even beginning to deal with Sam's new-found darkside, or Dean's impending death in a years time. Oh, except for the fact that Dean is doing anything he's ever wanted to do, like the "doubletmint twins". We were introduced to a new character though, Ruby. I am curious about that knife though, took out 3 demons in a few seconds, pretty powerful.

We got to meet a husband-and-wife team of hunters though, Tamara and Isaac. Although Isaac was killed off quickly, they seemed to be pretty great hunters. Bobby was right though, just running into that bar after the demon wasn't a good idea. Isaac paid for their stupidity by being made to drink a tub of Draino. Rough way to die.

"We've all heard of you. The prodigy. The boy king. Lookin' at you now, I gotta tell ya. Don't believe the hype." This is a quote from one of the demon's, Pride, as he talks to Sam. Excellent stuff! This episode isn't my favorite premiere, but it was a damn good episode nonetheless.

Episode 3, Bad Day at Black Rock (Written By: Ben Edlund, Directed By: Robert Singer)

Kubrick visits fellow hunter Gordon Walker in prison, and is told that Sam must die due to his inhuman nature. Elsewhere, the brothers are alerted to a break-in at one of their father's storage rooms in Buffalo, New York, where thieves stole a rabbit's foot. Sam and Dean use security footage to track them down and retrieve the item. However, Bobby informs them that the foot is cursed. Anyone who touches it—Sam already has—is granted good luck, but will die within a week if the foot is lost. As Bobby researches a method to destroy it, Sam begins having good luck. Later they are eating, and a waitress spills coffee on Sam to distract him and steals the foot. - Wikipedia

I thought this episode was pretty fantastic. As far as comedy centric episodes go, this one shows exactly how to do it right. There are some Supernatural episodes that don't click well with me, usually because they focus on absurd comedy. Although, there are some that hit just the right notes. The rabbit foot idea was a brilliant one, and it was an excellent way to introduce us to yet another new character for the series. Bela the thief. She's smokin hot, and makes a great villain-esque character.

We also had a little bit of Gordon Walker in this episode. Seems he has a henchmen on the outside now. Some religious freak hunter it seems. The way they did the bad luck - good luck stuff is just awesome, I thought. "I'm Batman" states Dean in a raspy voice has he throws a pen to jam up Kubrick's gun while on a mission to save Sam. I found this episode hilarious, but also important to the overall story as it introduced new characters, as well as showing us what Gordon has been up to. Great episode.

Episode 4, Sin City (Written By: Robert Singer & Jeremy Carver, Directed By: Charles Beeson)

Demonic omens and two unusual deaths lead the brothers to Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers. They first speak with Father Gil who witnessed a suicide in his church. A fellow hunter named Richie then takes them to a local bar to investigate its owner Trotter. A fight breaks out between two patrons, and the bartender Casey uses the distraction to lure away. She takes him to a home owned by her parents, and kills him in the basement. Elsewhere, Ruby helps Bobby repair the Colt. - Wikipedia

Sin City, with the way Dean has been going, this is definitely his kind of town. This episode was chock full of information to my surprise. Yellow-eyes finally has a name! I don't have to call him that anymore, I can call him, wait for it, Azazel. Nice! Since Azazel (that feels better already) bit the dust, the demon's have no leader. Everything is in total chaos as Casey said to Dean. Sam was to be the "Grand Poo-ba" but hasn't stepped up to the plate as of yet.

How awesome was it that Ruby helped Bobby fix up the gun? I wonder what exactly she did. Perhaps it just needed bullets with intricate symbols marked on them. I'm not sure how I feel about Ruby yet. I do know that I like this version of Ruby better than the one I saw in a later season. Or at least the actor anyways, I dunno. This episode certainly wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but a lot of awesome things happened. Plus that Casey chick was insanely hot, you know... for a demon girl.

Episode 5, Bedtime Stories (Written By: Cathryn Humphris, Directed By: Mike Rohl)

Sam and Dean travel to Maple Springs, New York, to investigate a deadly attack against three brothers. Though they believe a werewolf to be the culprit, the lone survivor claims the attacker was a normal man. Over time, the Winchesters realize that fairy tales appear to be occurring within the town—the attack was based on Three Little Pigs—and are being controlled by the spirit of a young girl. Research on any local deaths of a young girl turn up nothing, but the brothers do find a comatose girl named Callie at the hospital. Her father, Dr. Garrison has been reading her fairy tales. Sam and Dean believe that she was poisoned with bleach by her step-mother, and has been bringing fairy tales to life in an attempt to get attention. - Wikipedia

This episode didn't deal with the celebrity type demon's that we've been  seeing this season so far, it was just a simple spirit. I thought it felt like a season 1 episode, except for the ending. The ending is the main reason I wanted to include this episode in this blog post. Sam is definitely not the Sam we're used to. Especially without Dean around. Sam just blows the crossroads demon away when there was no reason to, really. It certainly makes for interesting character development. Overall a mediocre episode with a pretty shocking ending.

Episode 7, Fresh Blood (Written By: Sera Gamble, Directed By: Laurence Andries)

Gordon escapes from prison and tracks down Bela. She rebukes his threats to kill her unless she reveals the location of the brothers, but eventually acquiesces in exchange for a priceless mojo bag. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture and interrogate the vampire Lucy, and learn that another vampire named Dixon  transformed her by spiking her drink with his own blood at a club. Dean is forced to kill Lucy, as there is no known cure for vampirism. The brothers locate and confront Dixon, but are interrupted by Gordon and Kubrick. Sam and Dean escape, but in the mayhem, Dixon kidnaps Gordon. Though Dixon had planned on using Gordon as food, the hunter's continuous taunting prompts him to feed him his blood. - Wikipedia

Easily my favorite episode so far. Gordon gets a taste of the things he hunts. When you think about Gordon's past, how he killed his little sister for being a vampire, this looks good on him. I mean, I kept thinking throughout this episode that Gordon is hardly different than most of the things he hunts and kills. I still believe that Dean would've been much like Gordon if he was without his brother.

I can't believe how reckless Dean was in this episode. Anytime he had the chance to pull a stupid move and be heroic he jumped at the chance. He just about got himself shot a couple of times. I'm glad Sam and Dean had the talk at the end there, that was a great scene. Drinking some beers, working on the Impala. Showing his little brother how to take care of his car. Because it'll be his in less than a year. I'm glad Sam didn't fight him on this and just went with it. Dean was at least trying.

Where the hell did Sam get the strength to decapitate Gordon? Oh wait, Sam's got demon's blood in him. He sure hulked out though. Pretty crazy stuff. I hope we see more of Sam's abilities, or something along those lines, in the next bunch of episodes. That stuff really intrigues me.

Overall this block was so-so. Some important moments though. I just feel that the season is moving along a little slow so far. I also watched the Christmas special, even though it was better than expected, it was just a Christmas special. Nothing overly important happened. Can't wait to see where we go next though. Thanks for checking this out, take care.