Monday, September 27, 2010

Dexter / Season 5 - Episode 1

Oh Dexter, I've thought long and hard tonight about what I thought about this premiere episode. Dexter and I have had our ups and downs over the past couple of seasons. As I've said in my previous Dexter post, I loved the first two seasons, but I lost my interest a little since then. Last season had it's awesome moments and episodes, but the ending didn't sit well with me. I had high hopes for the premiere though, and I have to say, it was quite depressing. Not in the way some might think though. I actually enjoyed the episode overall.

It's taken a few hours to compile my thoughts on what I thought of this episode. First off I want to say that I think Dexter, as a show, is going in the perfect direction, at least it seems that way to me. A couple seasons ago Dexter made a spontaneous kill and he got a thrill out of it, but it scared him a bit. I always wanted to see Dexter's truly dark side show up to try and take him over to the evil side. Dexter isn't a bad person, he just doesn't think the same way everyone else does. I'd like to say that he doesn't see a line between right and wrong, but he obviously does in some way. He kills bad guys.

When he killed that man near the end of this episode, I loved it. I'm not sick and twisted, but I'm so happy that the show may go in a slightly different direction. I hope that kill hits him hard and Dexter will have to fight himself to control his addiction. That makes for an interesting character to me. Dexter's inner serial killer hasn't changed much since season 1, if at all. I think the show can go in a unique direction now. Dexter can struggle with his dark passenger and not be controlled by Rita and the kids, although their thoughts and influences will never leave Dexter of course. They'll be imprinted on him forever.

I spent most of this episode in shock, almost as much as Dexter was. Watching it with my brother I could only utter out the occasional "whoa" or "geez" while watching everything progress. Dexter was speechless most of the time. Not even listening to anybody or following the usual routine that people go through when a loved one dies. Throughout the episode I felt that I would be the exact same way. Writing eulogies and setting up funeral arrangements? I don't think I could ever go through with it. All I could think about was how far I would run. Get as far away as you can from your life. Shortly after, that's exactly what Dexter tried to do. Tried and failed, mind you. He actually found the human side of himself and he came back to do the funeral, even had a beautiful eulogy for his wife.

Will we ever see Cody and Astor again? What about Harrison, where will Dexter's son go? Maybe Dexter will become a single dad and actually do an awesome job taking care of him. With the help of his sister and friends of course. I spent most of this episode quiet and saddened. It was a great farewell for Rita though. Could Rita perhaps pop up in Dexter's head from time to time to set him straight, just like Harry? I'll have to wait another week to see if we go straight to a regular kill, or if we meet a new character for Dexter to interact with. We shall see in a week! Please comment if you have any thoughts on the premiere episode.