Saturday, September 18, 2010

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay Leaked

That's right, FINALLY we have some gameplay video of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the next installment in the Fabula Nova Crysallis series. Most likely these videos won't stay up for very long since Square-Enix wants to be extremely tight-lipped about this entry in the series. I've been waiting to see anything on this game for at least 2 years. Even though it's only roughly 33 seconds, it's nice to know that this game officially exists ;)

I'll post a couple video links in case one or the other get removed, which I'm sure they will eventually. I found one video just now that includes Agito XIII, the PSP entry in the Fabula Nova Crysallis series of Final Fantasy games. Looks freakin sweet.

FF Vs XIII that I uploaded

FF Vs XIII and Agito XIII