Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Event / Season 1 - Episode 1

At about the half way point through the pilot I was a little afraid that this show was going to be solely about a kidnapping. I've seen plenty of movies and television shows about real-life issues and quite frankly am very tired of it. I'm looking for something real-life, but with a serious sci-fi twist. Just like Supernatural, Smallville, Lost, and Fringe, The Event has that serious sci-fi twist.

The Event uses a mostly unique type of storytelling device, it's mostly similar to the way Lost used flashbacks. Throughout the pilot you jump back and forth between different times periods all leading up to what I assume is the event, but maybe not. At first, our character Sean Walker is on a plane. He's very nervous as the plane is taking off and you find out that he was being chased by some serious looking agents. Once the plane is in the air Sean pulls a gun on a stewardess and demands he speak to the pilot. It turns out the pilot is Sean's girlfriends father!

Sean and his girlfriend went on a vacation of sorts awhile before the plane situation. They meet some new friends and have a bunch of drinks together. They make plans to go on a snorkeling expedition the day after but Sean's girlfriend is too hung over. Sean goes snorkeling anyways, and when he returns to the hotel he cannot get into his hotel room where his girlfriend should be in bed. When Sean complains at the desk he finds that there are no records of him and his girlfriend ever arriving or staying in that room.

I was totally freaking out with Sean at this point in the episode. I couldn't imagine what I would do if that ever happened, I'd probably run as well. You know you aren't crazy yet everyone is looking at you like you are. Where the hell did his girlfriend go? Is she in on whatever is going on? Or was she kidnapped or killed like the rest of her family. Maybe daddy knows something secret and so the government or some baddies want to shut up his family. Who knows, guess we'll have to wait to find out for sure.

Now, I'm going to jump to the ending. Don't want to talk about every single scene in the episode, just the parts that struck me as interesting or whatever. The ending there, I was like "Wooo!" finally something that made me sit up out of my seat. What the hell happened? The plane completely vanished into what looked like a portal of some kind. My thoughts have been jumbled all over the place tonight. Time travel? Aliens? Advanced government technology? I have no idea where this show will go. Totally reminds me of how I was with Fringe last season. It's a great feeling not being able to have a solid idea of what will be coming up next. Hmmm, same feeling I always had with Lost actually. I'm not going to compare The Event to Lost at all though, so I'll end it about here.

Can't wait to watch next week to see what happens next! Hopefully we'll see Sean's point of view after the vanishing plane trick. If you watched The Event the other night than please comment below and let people know what you thought of it. Hated it? Didn't get it? Or were you at the very least intrigued, like I was? Thanks for reading, take care everybody.