Tuesday, September 14, 2010

True Blood / Season - 3 Finale

I finally found the time to sit down and watch the season 3 finale this afternoon. I was told beforehand from a good friend that the finale "sucked ass" and that he believes the show is going downhill. I just finished watching it about 3 minutes ago and I have very mixed feelings. So much going on I don't know where to start. Lots of good, lots of bad, and lots of "what the hell?" moments.

Let's talk about Mr. Compton first. I honestly have no idea who's side he's on now. I was cheering for him at the beginning of True Blood, but now, I really don't know. Maybe I'm just confused, but I had no previous impressions that he was using Sookie for her blood. Eric shows up out of the blue and tells Sookie that Bill is using her, so Sookie freaks out at Bill. I understand her not wanting anything to do with any supernatural creatures right now, but Bill hasn't shown anything but love for her. Sometimes he did go a little too far trying to protect her, but even so, I don't think Sookie has any reason to not trust him. I believe Sookie just wants him to be human, but that ain't gonna happen babe. You're not even human yourself.

Eric on the other hand, his character has been constant in my opinion. He's always out for himself and when I really think about it, probably acts more human than even Bill does. He lies and betrays the people that deserve it, and he looks out for himself. He also shows respect and affection for his girl, Pam. I think this finale really made me like Eric a lot more than Bill now. Eric was willing to sacrifice himself in order to take out Russell, the mad-crazy vampire bent on the destruction of the human race. I hope Eric somehow has an even bigger role next season, I rather liked the chemistry between Sookie and himself. I'm sure the writers can find some way of expanding their storylines into something... more important than a simple love triangle.

Tara gets a haircut! She looked good too. In my opinion, Tara's always been the weakest character. The writers never gave her anything important to do. Well I guess she was pretty important to the main plot last season, but I absolute hated the main plot, so that doesn't count. This year she was a prisoner of that vampire Franklin, who died pretty awesomely at the hands of Jason Stackhouse. The finale had a moment where Tara gets thinking about all the hell she's been through. I really didn't put it all together, but yeah, she's been through more than anybody could ever dream about. Her life since Sookie met Bill has been a living nightmare. Did it look like she was driving away at the end there? Maybe she's leaving town? Or even leaving the show?

Jason hasn't had a lot to do this season really. But he's still one of my favorite characters. He's just a nice guy that wants to help everybody. A little dopey at times, but always there when you need him. I really liked his role in season two when he joined the church against vampires, then at the end comes into the big picture to help save the day. This year though, I can't even remember what he's been doing. Pretending to be a fake police officer and hanging out with the shape-shifting inbred chick. I think that's about it. They gotta give this character something important to do next year. I would really like to see more Sookie and Jason scenes next year, they hardly saw eachother!

Did Sam shoot his brother? I remember earlier this season they showed a weird flash-back type scene with Sam stealing money? or running a con-job? Something like that. So maybe he has it in him to shoot someone, even his douche-bag brother. He also blew up at everyone in the bar randomly an episode or two ago. That came out of nowhere. He spent some of his time in this episode just apologizing to people for the horrible things he said.

Lafayette has some serious mental problems going on. He's starting to worry that he's gonna end up like his mom, who's in a mental institution. I wonder if the vampire blood that he took was tainted in some way, or from a specific vampire. Maybe that has nothing to do with it and it's just that Lafayette is special in some way. His boyfriend seemed to know what was going on, and tells us that he's a witch. Which is strange, but that's just how True Blood rolls.

Who am I missing, oh yes... Hoyt and Jessica. I love these guys. They better live happily ever after, at least for a little while. Although, I guess that would be pretty boring. Hoyt's mom buys a rather large gun, no doubt to kill Jessica with. Crazy woman. I could see his mom trying to attack Jessica and Jessica accidentally-on-purpose killing Hoyt's mom! That would be crazy. Bill hasn't spent any time with Jessica at all, even though he turned her and is supposed to be training her. As Jessica has told Hoyt, she kills people and drinks their blood. Hoyt is okay with that though, as I think anybody would be if they knew a vampire as crazy-hot as Jessica.

Oh yes, and Russell. Buried alive in cement for 100 years. Not sure where they came up with 100 years, but sure, 100 years sounds good. I wonder if that's the last we'll ever see of Russell Edgington. He was a pretty awesome bad-guy but I was hoping he'd start an all out war with with the humans. Of course, he could only fight at night so that would be a strange war I think.

All in all, this episode had a lot of ups and downs. I'm probably forgetting some of them but I literally just finished watching so these are my immediate thoughts on the episode. I'm not too excited for next season and I think it would have been better to leave us with the cliffhanger from last week. But meh, I'll keep watching to see what happens. I am getting rather sick of this fairy stuff though, almost as much as the lovey-dovey stuff that Sookie and Bill were going through for most of the show. Although the fairy stuff will stay, the Bill and Sookie lovey-dovey stuff seems to be gone. So I'll take the good with that bad.

Also, I'm not sure who this show is geared towards anymore. Age-groups, men and woman, I have no idea. It's all about fairy's and vampires falling in love, definitely for 13 year olds. Oh, but there's some semi-hardcore porn thrown in there, as well as drug use, strong language, and blood and gore. So ...I'm a little confused at the demographic for True Blood. I'll give the finale a 7/10. They seemed to try too hard with the shocking moments though. I think every character had one.

Let me know what you thought about the finale, please comment below.