Sunday, September 5, 2010

Supernatural / Season 2 - Part 4

This will probably be my last post on Supernatural for awhile, (Edit: I lied) at least for the re-watch anyways. I've finished season 2 and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a hold of season 3, unless I decide to download it at a later time.

I've been getting back into Fringe and so I might write up an article on my re-watch of that. I've been watching it with my brother the past few days and he'll be back to visit next week to finish off season 1. It's also September and so a lot of new and old shows are going to have new episodes each week, so I'll have to keep up with that.

Starting this month, the NHL (National Hockey League) stuff is about to get underway. I've been waiting for what seems like forever for this new season to start. So I'll have lots to write about for the foreseeable future. Okay, so here's my thoughts on the last bits of season 2 of Supernatural. Enjoy.

Episode 16, Roadkill (Written By: Raelle Tucker, Directed By: Charles Beeson)

A woman named Molly, as well as her husband, drive along a highway. Molly gets distracted and barely notices a man standing in the road. She swerves and crashes their car into a tree. When she wakes up, her husband is gone and she's left wandering the woods for answers. She gets spooked and rushes out onto the road, just in time to wave down the Winchesters as they drive by. she enlists their help to find her husband and figure out what is going on. The reality though, is that she is the heart of the entire mystery here.

It's nice to see a show taking risks and trying new things. Supernatural does regular filler episodes here and there with no mythology, but this episode felt different to me, despite being one of those episodes. Finding out the real story behind Molly and the guy on the road was probably pretty shocking to me the first time I saw it. A ghost chasing a ghost? Pretty interesting stuff. Of course this time watching it, I knew what was going on, and yet it was still a pretty awesome episode. I really enjoyed it all the way through. Molly reminded me though, I have to write a Battlestar Galactica article someday.

17, Heart (Written By: Sera Gamble, Directed By: Kim Manners)

Sam and Dean are investigating what looks to be a werewolf attack. Dead bodies, hearts missing, regular werewolf stuff. They meet Madison, the secretary of the latest victim. The brothers suspect that her ex-boyfriend is the werewolf. He's been stalking her and creeping her out. When Dean arrives at his place he finds Madison attacking the ex-boyfriend, she's the werewolf. The brothers do what they can to find a cure for her.

This episode gets me every time. I have to give props to Jensen and Jared for their acting as Dean and Sam. Sam gets really close with Madison and then she's a werewolf? These guys can't catch a break, at all. You can clearly see how pained Dean is that this is happening to his little brother. Heartbreak, again. All Dean wants is for Sammy to live happily. Have a normal life even. Then to watch Sam shoot her to make sure she doesn't kill again, nobody should have to go through all that these guys have gone through, and I'm only on season 2. Lots more heartbreak to go, I'm sure of it.

Episode 19, Folsom Prison Blues (Written By: John Shiban, Directed By: Mike Rohl)

Sam and Dean get caught, on purpose, and go to jail. All for a case. The jail they are settled in is haunted. This is all for a favor to an old friend of their dad's, an old marine buddy. Agent Hendrickson shows up again and finally gets to meet Dean in the flesh. Thanks to the brothers attorney, they solve the case and bust out of jail, right under Hendrickson's nose.

Another great example of an excellent filler episode. It didn't feel like the same old job. It was extremely risky however to get thrown in jail for a job. But as Dean states, it was a favor to a friend of their father's, they pay back their favors. Thank god their friend was an inside man in the prison though. Without him they'd be royally screwed with Agent Hendrickson breathing down their necks.

Dean was almost taken out a few times in this episode though. He got lucky that the spirit of the creepy nurse either left him alone or that he had a bit of salt handy to ward it off. This must of been one heck of a favor that they had to repay to get thrown into a situation like this. No sure way to research the case, fight with proper weapons, and they were locked in a cell with no way to quickly escape.

I can't wait to see where this Agent Hendrickson stuff goes, I really don't remember what happens exactly. If Sam and Dean were screwed before, they are really screwed now. Breaking out of jail is pretty serious, and they had some damn serious charges against them to begin with. I hope Hendrickson gets a taste of the supernatural in a future episode, I have a feeling that's the only way to end his story.

Episode 20, What Is and What Should Never Be (Written By: Raelle Tucker, Directed By: Eric Kripke)

Dean tracks down a Djinn and foolishly tries to take it out by himself. He gets attacked and suddenly wakes up in a strange bed, next to a beautiful woman no less. He wanders out into the living room of this house and he sees pictures of him and his family. Pictures that were never taken from the world where Dean comes from. In this new life Dean's married, has a home, and his mom is still alive. He also finds out that his brother is engaged to Jessica. Dean has to decide whether to give up and keep this dream of a life, or fight the Djinn and get his old life back.

I've been running out of words to describe these awesome episodes this season, so I'll call this one super-terrific. I really like episodes that aren't about already dead spirits, but instead crazy creatures that are alive and powerful. This one was quite magical actually, a demi-god even, much like the Trickster. I don't blame Dean at all for wanting to stay in that world, part of me even wished he could stay. I think if his dad was alive and well in that world, and he got along well with his brother Sam, then I think maybe, just maybe, Dean would of stayed there. It turned out however, that the world wasn't that perfect. People still died from horrible creatures and spirits, Sam couldn't hardly stand Dean, and his dad was still dead. This time however, he died from a stroke.

The moment that Dean makes the decision to stab himself in the gut to wake himself up, I don't think I could ever do that. That would take a lot of courage and faith to believe that you'd wake up in the real world. Not only that, wake up to what? A Djinn that could just throw you back into the dream world, or even just kill you flat out. Thank god that Sam was there right as Dean woke up. Again, an excellent, entertaining episode.

I was going to write about both parts of the finale, but I'm going to save that for another time. This was an excellent block of episodes, except maybe one. Can't stand that movie set episode, Hollywood Babylon. There are a few Supernatural episodes that just bug me. That being one of them. I think sometimes the writers decide to have a little fun rather than create a good episode. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I prefer the majority of Supernatural episodes that mix (that's the key word there, mix) humour, scares, and emotion, all that good stuff, into each episode. Rather than focus on just one of those things. Okay I think I'm done, take care everybody. Thanks for reading. I'll be writing about the season 2 finale very soon I'm sure.