Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thoughts / Dexter

"Set in Miami, the show centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a blood spatter-pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department, who moonlights as a serial killer. The show's first season was loosely based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, the first of his series of Dexter novels." - Wikipedia

Dexter is radically different than any other television show out there. The protagonist is a killer, he kills people. Not just any people though, he has rules, a code. He murders people that have done wrong, usually other murderers themselves.

This just popped into my head, but I could definitely see the show's final episode involving Dexter's suicide. He would eventually feel guilt for all the pain he's caused, usually inadvertently, to his family and friends. Perhaps the suicide would be at the hands of an inevitable sidekick which he could share his obsession with. Just a thought.

I can't remember when I started watching this show, but it was definitely during season 1. The first two seasons are my absolute favorite and I think the show has become less intense over the years, perhaps due to desensitization on my part. Watching a show centered on a serial killer is something I don't think television has ever seen before. Therefore, after a couple seasons the shock of it all tends to eventually wane.

Season 3 was pretty boring from the get go, and I couldn't get into season 4, not for lack of trying. I'm still excited to see what they do for season 5 though. I've always wanted Dexter to get a taste of a spontaneous kill (like he briefly did at the beginning of season 3) and have to try and control his urges to become a true serial killer, unlike the "hero vigilante" he is now.

Dexter, Season 5 begins on September 26th 2010, which is a Sunday. I look forward to see what happens next since some drastic changes happened at the end of the last season. Hopefully things get even more interesting from here on out.