Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Supernatural / Season 1 - Part 3

This is my 3rd article about my re-watch of Supernatural, you can find the first part here if you need to read that yet. Or check this one out if you just want to know my thoughts on the show in general. Only these re-watch pages will have spoilers, so you've been warned if you're new to the show.

I watched the movie Paranormal Activity, the couple in that movie had it easy compared to just about anybody in Supernatural. These things kill first and try to communicate later.

Also, if you've seen the movie, this will be absolutely hilarious.

Episode 21, Salvation (Written By: Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker, Directed By: Robert Singer)

Meg begins killing John Winchester's friends in order to draw him out. John catches up Sam and Dean on how he's been tracking the Yellow-eyed Demon so far. Their search lands them in Iowa, where a young couple is likely the next target for a nursery fire.

It's really cool seeing John working with his sons for once. Although they have to split up, at least they are all on missions that they can agree on. John has to go give a fake Colt to Meg, while Sam and Dean are on the verge of facing the thing that killed their mom. Of course things don't always go exactly as planned, John gets caught while Sam and Dean do save the family, but the Yellow-eyed Demon escapes. It was really sweet seeing John doing his thing though.

Episode 22, Devil's Trap (Written By: Eric Kripke, Directed By: Kim Manners)

The Winchester boys go to find their father who's been kidnapped by Meg, and another unnamed demon. They meet up with a fellow hunter named Bobby Singer. He agrees to help them out but before they can do anything, Meg tracks them down. She stupidly falls into a trap which renders her helpless. Once Sam and Dean get some information on where their father is being held captive, they set out to rescue him.

I've probably seen this finale 3 or 4 times before and I was still on the edge of my seat. I'm sure this episode ranks in my top 10 finale's of all time. So many good moments, and I'll do my best to mention them all.

You can clearly see how cold Dean can be when he shoots the demon that was beating on Sam. He didn't even hesitate, as Dean states later on. I think Dean clearly needs Sam, he helps Dean keep level head and not get too out of control. Until Sam learns to use his powers properly, he needs Dean as well. I think I recall Dean saving his ass more than a few times this season.

Now for the best part of the episode. Dean is a smart cookie, isn't he? He figures out that John isn't their dad, he's possessed. How? Their dad thanks them for helping him, he tells them that he's proud. Right away Dean has a funny look on his face as the wheels get turning in his head.

"Dad woulda ripped me a new one for wasting a bullet".

The best part is that Sam sides with his brother almost right away. Yellow-eyes shows his face, or rather, John's face with some freaky yellow eyes. The fans finally get some of the info they deserve with his drawn out monologue. Then daddy breaks free of the possession long enough for Sam to grab the gun and shoot him in the leg. Sam hesitates and the demon flees one more time.

Also a great cliffhanger at the end with the transport truck. Things are looking pretty damn grim for the Winchesters. The series however, goes exactly the way I was always hoping. At least for a few more seasons it does anyways.

So that's that! I watched the premiere for season 2 tonight but I'll write about it once I hit episode 9 or 10. So look forward to that. Thanks for reading, take care everyone.