Monday, November 1, 2010

Lost Re-Watch / Season 1 - Pilot Part 2

*If you haven't seen Lost, don't read further, go out and watch Lost. Major spoilers ahead for the newbies*

In my post about Pilot Part 1 I briefly mentioned how it finally sunk in that Lost was over, and how Lost fans will miss the actors, Giacchino, and comic-con. Thinking about it now though, Lost will always live on inside the Lost fans. I hope the podcasters and bloggers never stop talking about this amazing show.

Thoughts / Pilot Part 2

"A group of survivors attempt to broadcast a distress signal for help, while Jack tries to save a man who has been impaled by a piece of shrapnel from the plane. Flashbacks show the events just prior to the crash from the points of view of Kate and Charlie." - Lostpedia

This episode begins with our trio of adventures heading back to the beach from the plane's cockpit in the jungle. Charlie is chatting it up with Kate, talking about how "every trek needs a coward." Kate let's him know that she's glad he came along and Charlie slows down and flashes a menacing look. Suddenly we're in a flash-back showing Charlie on the plane. He's obviously nervous and doesn't want to be bothered. When the stewardess begins asking questions Charlie jumps up and starts hurrying down the aisle. He bumps into Jack and makes his way to the bathroom near the front of the plane.

I love seeing Charlie alive once again, especially after seeing the events that take place in the finale. I've listened to so many podcasts and more than half of them have mentioned how annoying they thoughts Charlie was later on in the show. I don't think I've ever thought that about any of the characters on the show. Actually, Jack was the only character I didn't like. Not because of how he was written or because of Matthew Fox, it was simply because I was always a John Locke fan and a true believer. I would find myself getting upset at any characters that began opposing John. Like Kate in season 4 or, of course, Ben Linus. Jack was always against anything John was doing, especially when Boone started following Locke and eventually died because of it. I certainly understand where Jack was coming from, but after everything that had happened to John on and off the island, how could you not cheer for the guy?

Charlie snorts a little heroin and mysteriously feels bad about it, he goes to flush it down the airplane toilet when suddenly he ends up on the ceiling. They've hit some serious turbulence and so he rushes out of the bathroom and stumbles along until he finds a seat he can strap himself into. So now we know exactly why Charlie wanted to come on the transceiver mission with Jack and Kate. He had to go back for his drug stash in the bathroom.

Next scene, Shannon in a bikini on the beach. From the beginning Shannon was bloody useless, eh? Some people are like that though, and it's nice that the writers had so many different characters on this show. When you get a handful of them together they really come to life and their personalities really shine through. Like when Hurley and Sawyer get all buddy buddy later on in the show, even share that house in Dharmaville. Very different characters that have some great interactions with eachother. Obviously same goes for couples like Hurley and Libby, and Shannon and Sayid.

Walt's out in the jungle looking for his dog Vincent and the biggest thing I noticed was how super creepy the music was. Season 1 I always thought was a pretty terrifying season compared to the rest of Lost. Ethan stealing Claire and hanging Charlie by his neck, seeing the monster for the first time, the strange pirate ship in the jungle. When I first started watching the show years ago I thought it was always going to be a thriller type horror-esque story. It takes on a much more scientific approach half way through this season though with the hatch, and of course season 2 just amplifies it with the Dharma Initiative and the hatch computer. The show does try to go back to some similar freaky themes but nothing feels quite the same as season 1 to me.

Walt, alone in the jungle, is calling for his dog when he finds a pair of handcuffs on the ground. Michael shows up to yell at his son but gets quiet when his son shows him what he's found. When they get back to camp we see Sawyer and Sayid fighting it out over accusation of who crashed the plane. Of course Sawyer thinks the first Arab he sees crashed the plane, he's obviously not shying away from accusing him of it either. Kate and Jack rush in to help break it up. Hurley tries to help and we get to hear Sawyer call out his first of many nicknames to come. "Lardo." Extremely lame for a nickname if you ask me, but Sawyer comes back in full form later on in the episode.

Walt's reading the infamous comic book next. We see a shot of the angry polar bear printed on it's pages. I remember the comic book getting talked about quite a bit back in the day of early Lost podcasting. Was Walt somehow summoning some of the things that were happening to our survivors? Theories were so crazy back then yet we'd discuss it for hours and somehow we'd figure out a way for it all to make sense.

If the survivors all started telling the truth from the beginning, a lot of their problems wouldn't exist. Charlie goes off to do his drugs while Jack is actually looking for drugs to help the wounded. Although it's very unrealistic, honesty would of definitely been the way to go for everyone. This time re-watching Pilot Part 2 I noticed that.

Shannon is arguing with Boone again and this time I felt a little sympathy for her. She's a spoiled brat and she's been handed just about everything with very little work required. Although we find out later on that she hasn't always had it easy, that's definitely how she acts in season 1. She decides to go out on the hike that Sayid is gathering recruits for in order to prove to her brother that she's not useless. The look on Sayid's face is priceless in this scene as he watches the siblings trade insults. As they head off we see Sawyer reading a mysterious letter. Even in the very first scene that we see Sawyer's letter, you can clearly see that it means a great deal to him. He looks over at Sayid's group, which again includes Kate, who really can't sit still for any amount of time. They're heading up to high ground to try and get a signal on the newly obtained transceiver and Sawyer randomly decides to tag along.

"I'm a complex guy, sweetheart." Sawyer snaps out one of my favorite one-liners in the entire show as Kate notices that he joined the hike to find higher ground. I'm sure it surprised Sayid as well since they just finished having that intense fight a bit earlier on.

As they climb up the cliffs I noticed that Sayid is helping Shannon, perhaps they knew what they were doing with these two early on. Most likely though, they just knew that Sayid was chivalrous and would obviously help a woman climb such a steep height safely.

John Locke, Walt, and a Backgammon board. Here we have one of the most talked about scenes in Lost history. John Locke explaining to Walt about "Two players, two sides. One is dark, one is light." This is also where Locke tells Walt his secret that "A miracle happened here." We don't get filled in on the secret until later on in the season though.

Jin is preparing some food for the survivors even though he was just saying last episode that he and his wife should only worry about themselves. He slaps Sun's hand away when she tries to help though, and then she unbuttons her blouse as a sign of disobedience. She obviously doesn't like being bossed around. It's a bit funny though, Jin obviously knew what his wife was capable of though, and so really just was trying to keep her safe. It's because of her that Jin is the way he is, and she's also cheated on him in the past. Jin isn't aware of these things, but he knows his wife I think.

Jin tries to give some of the urchin to Hurley but he won't even try it, instead he just laughs. Jin heads over to Claire and she cautiously accepts the grub. She eats it and suddenly her baby starts kicking. I love how she grabs Jin's hand immediately and presses it to her tummy to feel the baby kick. At first Jin is shocked and fights it, but once he feels the baby moving he shows a bit of the Jin we all know.

Back in the jungle. Charlie, Boone, Shannon, Sawyer, Kate, and Sayid are still on their trek to find higher ground for the transceiver. Sawyer begins arguing with Sayid again. Things get heated and suddenly they hear something out in the jungle. Something is rushing their way. Boone grabs a screaming Shannon as they start running through the jungle. Sawyer holds his ground and Kate yells back for him. Sawyer suddenly pulls out a gun and starts firing wildly. He just killed himself his first island polar bear.

I have to say, the way Lost does reveals is astounding. In any other show, a character pulling out a gun would be no big deal. On a seemingly deserted island though, as plane crash survivors, it's a pretty big deal. Kate asks him where it came from and Sawyer replies "Bear village, how the hell should I know?" Kate was obviously talking about the gun. Suddenly the argument has turned around on Sawyer and he suddenly looks like the bad guy. He tells the group that he found the gun on a US Marshal and shows off his badge too. Suddenly the conversation turns towards the animal Sawyer just shot. "That's a big bear." Shannon points out.

Kate disarms Sawyer and points the gun towards him. "Does anybody know how to use a gun?" She asks. Charlie replies "Don't you just pull the trigger?" She wants to take it apart though. Kate obviously knows how to use a gun as we see in future flash-backs. Kate sure knows how to put on an act. She always wants to help and has a good heart, but when she needs to, she can turn on her inner convict and get out of sticky situations.

Next we get to actually see a flash-back of Kate. She's sitting next to Edward Mars, the US Marshal who unfortunately has a large piece of shrapnel stuck in his gut back on the island. This is the scene were we find out that she's actually the prisoner. Those were her handcuffs and so earlier in Pilot Part 1 when we saw her holding her wrists, she must of just removed those cuffs. I really don't think any other show could top the quality and effort that went into Lost. Planting seeds for future events is something Lost has always done extremely well and it's made re-watching the show a blast over the years.

"Oh now's a good time to check the radio, not before, but now?" questions Sawyer as Sayid takes out the radio to check for reception. "We're higher up" replies Sayid. "Yes we are."

Suddenly they have a reception bar. Everyone gathers and they find the infamous french transmission. "I've never been so happy to hear the french!" exclaims Charlie. Boone states that Shannon can translate because she spent time in Paris. "Drinking, not studying!" she yells back.

She does end up translating most of it while Sayid goes over the math in his head to figure out how long this transmission has been playing. "Please help me, please come get me. I'm alone now. On the island alone. Please someone come. The others are dead. It killed them all." Then the battery dies...

"Guys, where are we?" says a mystified Charlie as we hit the end of the episode. A question that people are still asking today actually. Not so much in the physical "where", but more like "what is this place?" Just an island? It's such a great mystery and I, for one, am glad that there will always be mysteries left for the fans to try and solve. There may never be a sure answer to any of the questions that are left, but where in life are there ever sure answers? Just because other television shows throw everything out in the table for us to see, Lost actually made us think. In my personal experience, there haven't been any other forms of entertainment that gets the brain going the way Lost did, and still does today. I'm really enjoying this re-watch and I can't wait to get into Smokie, Dharma, the Others, and time-travel. Thanks for reading! Please comment if you have anything at all to say about Lost or this article. Thanks!