Monday, November 8, 2010

Preview 3 / DC Universe Online

I've been casually following DC Universe Online since it was announced, I wasn't sure whether I liked this new action-MMO idea. I've since read a lot of previews and watched a lot of video on the game, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm sure anyone has dreamed up a world where you're a super-hero, or a super-villain, DC Universe allows you to do just that. Want to be Batman's apprentice and use gadgets? How about work for The Joker and dress up like a clown? Perhaps you want to use the strange force of magic, dual pistols, a staff, or maybe a blast of energy from your hands.

Who's your favorite super-person?

DC Universe Online has an insane amount of customization that you can delve into when you first start playing. Right off the bat you're thrown into an awesome character creation mode where you get to pick your powers, your power sources, and your movement mode. As well what your newly created character will look like. You can also create a character automatically outfitted with powers and costumes similar to your favorite super-people.

Meta, Magic, and Tech

Fire, Ice, Mental, Sorcery, Gadgets, and Nature

Power Sources
Bow, Dual Wield, One Handed, Dual Pistols, Rifle, Staff, Brawling, Martial Arts, Hand Blaster, and Two Handed

Movement Mode
Flight, Superspeed, and Acrobatic

Using these creation methods listed above, you could create any super-character that you could possibly dream of. Use a meta origin where your character was born with her gifts. She has the innate gift of ice, freezing foes in their place. Because she has such a strong power she doesn't need weapons, so she uses the Hand Blaster power source and causes waves of ice to shoot from her outstretched palms. Perhaps she was also a skateboarder and it was only natural that she use her awesome reflexes and agility to learn Acrobatics. Then you decide exactly what she looks like with a huge amount of outfitting options. Again, the possibilities should be absolutely endless here. I can't wait to have me some fun with the character creation system that's in place for DC Universe Online.

I've also provided a crazy amount of pictures below for you to check out. All of them were picked up from the DC Universe Official Facebook Fan Page, so check it out. Plan to pick up DC Universe early next year? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear about what you think of the game.