Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overcoming Writer's Block

Lately I've been stricken with serious writer's block and so my posts haven't been as lengthy or frequent as they were before. With the holidays on the horizon and no money to buy all the new games coming out, I haven't felt like writing about anything. Feeling some serious writer's block here, and so I've decided to do a brief post on just that, writer's block and how to overcome it.

Writer's block can occur when you have major changes in your life that cause stress, anxiety, and fear. It's probably because of the holidays and my ever changing schedule that I'm having trouble finding things I want to write about. All this month I've been basically stuck indoors because I had to go without my bus pass for the month of November. Once December hits everything should hopefully be right back to normal and the articles will be flowing as usual once more. I should be picking up the PS3 exclusive MAG next month and I'm still continuing with my Lost rewatch articles. I should have more to write about in the near future.

For now though, let's go through some ideas on how to remove that pesky writer's block. I didn't throw these in any particular order really. I use a few of these ideas almost regularly to conjure up new ideas.

1. Start practicing with writing exercises.

Writing exercises can help you get back on track with your writing skills. If you feel like you're writing the same types of themes over and over again, try a writing exercise from this site here. They have information on how to find a writing community, as well as how to critique your own work. All you can really do is anything. If you just get some stuff written down or some ideas in your head, anything can sprout from there.

2. Figure out why you write? 

All of these would apply to any type of creative arts really when I think about it. Figure out why you began writing in the first place and try to feed off that. Are you writing about something that interests you? Or maybe it's just for a job. It's all about the money. Find something you really enjoy and try writing about that. I had a serious itch to get my thoughts out into the world and so I started this simple blog. Who knows where it could lead? If all you're looking for is a way to help get rid of writer's block, then maybe you could find a blog about something you're interested in and submit a guest article for them to post. I'm pretty sure that anybody would welcome new content written by a fan. I know I would!

3. Try getting away from what you're trying to accomplish.

Sometimes I'm in the middle of writing an article and you just hit a brick wall. After struggling for awhile I end up walking away and doing something else for awhile. I'll watch a movie, play a game, or hang out with some friends or family. Coming back later on to finish your writing will most always have great results. When I return I end up finding mistakes in what I wrote earlier and 100% of the time it turns out to be a much better article. So if you're having problems, do something else for awhile.

4. Read something!

This one is actually pretty obvious I thought. If you're having trouble finding the right words to write, try reading something somebody else wrote. Preferably on a similar topic to what you're trying to write about. I guarantee some ideas will spark in your head eventually and soon you'll want to write 'em down before you forget. This is probably what I do more often than not when I'm having trouble. I'll find some game reviews or TV show reviews online and read for awhile. No matter what you're trying to write about, I guarantee there is somebody out there in internet-land who is writing about it. Just make sure not to steal any ideas or anything. It's supposed to be inspirational!

5. Actually write about your issues with writer's block.

Do what I'm doing right this minute, try writing about your problems. If you don't have a blog, maybe you'd like to start one? A blog is a great way to write about your feelings and you can write about, well ... anything at all! Get your thoughts out into the world and maybe even get some people to comment. You never know when ideas will hit and sometimes inspiration occurs in the most unlikely situation. Also, if you have any writer friends you should sit down and talk to them about your writer's block. I'm sure everyone has had this problem at some point and you never know, they might give you the magic answer.