Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts / Smallville

After spending some time thinking about it, I decided to write my very first article on Smallville, a show that was very important to me for many years. It was also the first television show that I would make plans to watch at a specific day and time each and every week it was on. Until the dreaded summer break where I'd buy the DVD's to give out to my friends and family in hopes of converting more viewers. Something I still do to this day with other shows that are currently keeping my interest. It was also a fairly easy show to follow so anyone could enjoy it without having to worry about rewatching episodes.

Some of Smallville's best moments were in season 1 and 2. Clark learning new powers was one of my favorite things about the show, you never knew if next week he was going to do something completely new. X-Ray vision, heat vision, his extreme hearing abilities. I even found it exciting when Clark uses his powers in new ways. Heat vision to melt bullets, anyone? I'm not going to touch on the relationship aspects of the show too much, I didn't watch the show to see if Chloe and Clark would hook up like I know a lot of people did. So putting that aside I want to talk about my favorite part of old school Smallville, Lionel and Lex Luthor. These two always stole the show in my opinion, I was so happy that Lionel was added as a regular to the cast for season 2. He made one hell of a villain and always found a way to push his son to his limits. I was always cheering for Lex hoping he would somehow come out a good guy in the end, even though that was technically impossible with the Superman story pretty much being already written, just changed a bit for the show. The chemistry Lionel and Lex had on screen was just awesome. Each and every scene was about those two trying to get the upper hand. Lex trying to get out from under the shadow of his father and create his own life. Good stuff.

Smallville will always have a special place in my heart, even though I stopped watching it around the 7th season. It moved too far away from the stories that I enjoyed in the first few seasons. The Lionel and Lex struggles, Clark discovering more powers, and even some of the relationship issues Lana and Clark were having. By season 6 and 7 all of those things had come and gone more or less. Lionel was becoming a good guy, Lex was already bad, and Clark and Lana had already been together, then apart, then together again I think. It was also then that executive producers and creators, Alfred Gough and Miles Miller decided to leave the show. Stating that it was "time to move on", and so I went my separate ways with the show, a show that opened me up to watching television... well, television that weren't cartoons. I was also getting older and although the characters were mostly aging with me (I had just got out of high school when I started watching in season 1) by this time in season 6 and 7 I could no longer relate to anything the characters were doing, especially coming from a small town myself, and the characters spending most of their time in Metropolis at this point. I would love to do a rewatch of at least the first 4 or 5 seasons, I'm a sucker for that feeling of nostalgia.

I have no idea what season Smallville is into now, but I do however know it is still going. I see commercials from time to time while I'm flicking around the channels. When I do get to that rewatch, I may keep going if it keeps my interest after a few seasons. I have up to the first six seasons on DVD and I've only watched the sixth season once and it was mostly meh. There are so many shows I'm watching or in the process of rewatching, True Blood, Lost, and Big Bang Theory are a few I'm currently watching almost daily. With the busy fall television schedule fast approaching who knows when I'll have time to go through Smallville though. Also, future articles will most likely be about shows that I'm still currently watching, or about shows I'm rewatching. Perhaps even about specific episodes, I have no idea as of yet. We'll just see what happens. Thanks for reading and please visit again.