Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Supernatural / Season 4 - Part 3

Let's try to wrap up this excellent season so I can finally start watching season 5. It's exciting to be on the cusp of watching episodes that I have never seen before. I just found out the other day that I've only seen the first 3 or 4 episodes of season 5 on my original viewing before I quit. Paris Hilton made me do it!

Episode 16, On the Head of a Pin (Written By: Ben Edlund, Directed By: Mike Rohl)

Castiel and Uriel have captured Alastair and ask Dean to use the torturing skills he learned in Hell to extract information from him so they can stop whomever is killing angels. Sam is concerned Dean can’t handle the job but Dean agrees to do it. However, when Alastair reveals some shocking information, Dean’s world is shattered. Sam ends up getting Alastair to reveal the demon who is murdering the angels by using his powers. Also, new information is revealed about the angels. - Wikipedia

Dean could make an extremely kick ass demon some day. He seemed to do pretty well for himself in hell, even though it took 30 years for him to start doing hell's dirty work. Now back on earth the angels make Dean torture a demon, not just any demon, Alistair. The very demon that tortured him for all those years in hell. Now it's time for some serious payback and Dean just goes to town on the guy. Does anyone care anymore that these demons are possessing people? Who cares of the person locked inside dies, eh?

After all that torturing, Alistair doesn't budge. It takes Sam, who's now drinking the blood of Ruby to get more and more powerful, to show up and easily do his own brand of torturing just by pointing at him. Crazyness. Then he actually kills Alistair, not just send him to hell, but kill him. It was very reminiscent of the way the demon's die from the colt, at least I thought so. It was like an extreme energy had been released inside the body the demon was possessing.

I never liked "Junkless" anyways. Uriel's dickhead attitude got him killed by Anna in the end. Hmmm... Uriel was killing angels, but why? I think he was picking out certain angels that were perhaps rebelling against heaven. We automatically see it as black and white that he's killing angels so that must be bad. But heaven seems just as messed up as our world. Hell seems to be more in control than anyone. No wonder these demon's decided to start breaking seals, heaven is having some serious issues with it's own "loyal" servants.

Episode 17, It's a Terrible Life (Written By: Sera Gamble, Directed By: James L. Conway)

Dean's a Wall Street Tycoon, has his own office and worry's about carbs. Sam's an employee working at a call center. Is this an alternate reality brought on by the angels? The trickster perhaps? Either way, it seems no matter what their life could of been, they'd end up as hunters. It's in their blood.

I rather enjoyed this episode. It was one of those comedy centric type episodes, but wasn't over the top. They had just the right amount of seriousness to it, with some great funny moments. The awkward scenes between alternate Sam and Dean were priceless. Especially the moments in the elevator where Sam wouldn't stop bothering Dean that he recognized him from somewhere. Which turned out to be from Sam's dreams. Also, when Dean casually called his brother "Sammy", funny stuff. My brother actually picked up on their last names being another reference to a gun manufacturer. Smith and Wessen. As opposed to Winchester. Can't believe I never caught that before.

Turns out no matter where their lives took them, they'd end up together fighting evil. We were introduced to a new angel character that shared this information. If I remember right, I'm pretty sure this angel guy sticks around for awhile so I guess I better get used to him. So many angel characters flying around it's tough to keep track of who is who's superior. Anna has her angel mojo back, but seems to be a vigilante. Castiel is starting to come over to our side and seems to have excellent chemistry with Dean. Uriel was punctured. Now this new guy shows up and seems to be even more powerful perhaps. Perhaps he's like internal affairs. Castiel is starting to sway to our side, and Anna already has, so this new guy (his name escapes me) has shown himself so he could boss the Winchesters around how he sees fit. I honestly can't tell the difference (personality wise) between an angel and a demon. Seriously. Everyone is out for themselves and could care less about us here living on earth.

Episode 18, The Monster at the End of This Book (Written By: Julie Siege & Nancy Weiner, Directed By: Mike Rohl)

Lilith possesses the body of a dental hygienist and returns to wreak havoc and trouble on the Winchesters. Sam and Dean also discover a book entitled Supernatural about two demon hunting brothers named Sam and Dean while investigating a possible haunting at a comic book shop - the shop clerk believes the boys are LARPing the book when they visit. The author of the book turns out to be a prophet. - Wikipedia

I really don't know what to make of this episode. The first thing I thought of while watching was Seinfeld. In Seinfeld, as I'm sure most of you remember, the main characters started a television show that was based on the show they were on. Weird stuff. Well this episode of Supernatural was basically the same, though the "Supernatural" books were written by a prophet of heaven. These books will one day become extremely important, says Castiel, like a new bible. What? Wow... that's intense. A little too intense actually. I'll go with it for now though.

I've been sitting on this half finished article (I wanted to complete this season) for a few days now, I think I should post this for now and there's nothing wrong with putting up a part 4 in the next few days. How exciting has season 4 been though, eh? Lots of demon/angel action and some serious consequences if Sam and Dean can't stop Lucifer from rising. I'm very excited to see how the show progresses and I'm pretty invested in the story so far. Comment if you have any thoughts.