Tuesday, October 12, 2010

World of Warcraft Troubles

Last night I had WoW all set up to play. Lots of installation, lots of downloads and patches, but only got to play for roughly 30 minutes before the servers were shut down for maintenance. Which was probably for the best because it took until about 2am last night/this morning to figure it all out before I could log in properly. Today though, things have just went downhill.

I tried to log in early this afternoon and was greeted by a huge 5gb update for WoW. So I started the download and left it for an hour or so, then began the installation which after about 65% told me my hard-drive was full. Blah. So I uninstalled some games and started the download all over again, after another hour or so it finally installed properly but froze at 100%. After leaving it for 30 minutes or so I had to restart my system. When I ran the launcher it proceeded to download another update that was even bigger than the last one. Again I left it running for awhile and when that finally finished (currently, my WoW folder takes up a whopping 24gb) it said I could play the game while another patch downloaded. So I tried but it wouldn't accept any username or password this time. So I just left it to download this last patch, which was fairly small anyways.

After all of that, I'm still trying to get in. My username and password work now but it tells me that some files are corrupted or that there are programs running in the background. I then proceeded to the World of Warcraft website for assistance. The site gave some suggestions on what could be causing the problem. I tried the repair.exe program that came with the game, but it just says to uninstall my WoW and start all over again. Um... I can't go through all of that again, also there is a 40gb limit on the stuff I can download per month over here where I live, so I really can't be doing that unless it's my last option. The site also told me to try a virus scanner and after downloading and using the program the site suggested, I did find a few infected files. After clearing that all out I tried to run the game and it still says that something is corrupted and/or there are programs running in the background.

I'm am so incredibly frustrated right now I have no idea how to proceed. Things have been going extremely crappy for me lately that there just has to be some good news around the corner. There isn't any more room for more bad news unless fate wants me to go absolutely insane. I'll probably be spending the rest of the night reading up on forums about other people with the same issue. I can't be the only one.

Anyways, hopefully I can write more positive articles about World of Warcraft in the next few days or so. Also, if anyone out there has any idea what's going on please let me know. I'm getting this working no matter what, I'm fighting this pretty hard so even if I go over my gigabyte limit for the month I don't really care. As long as I get this working. I could really use a victory right now.

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