Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Playstation 3 Died... Again

July 8th, 2009 I was playing Guitar Hero: World Tour and my system froze up, beeped three times, then proceeded to shut down completely. Upon trying to turn the system on again it beeped and briefly flashed a yellow light. It cost me $190 CDN to get it fixed from Sony, and after paying $650 for my PS3 originally, my hobby is obviously too expensive. Jumping to today, October 11th 2010, Thanksgiving, it's happening all over again.

I was playing Borderlands with a friend online when my system suddenly froze up, beeped three times, then shut down. I feared the worst but when I went to turn on the system, things were okay. I proceeded to write my friend and explain what happened when suddenly my system froze and shut down again. I knew something was definitely wrong. When I went to turn it on again the system beeped and flashed a yellow light. Now I've been a healthy fanboy of Sony and Playstation for many many years. Not the kind of fanboy that start flame wars on forums, but the kind that has owned each and every Playstation system from the beginning, as well as experienced or owned most of the systems exclusive games. But I'm a little peeved right now, not sure what to do about this yet.

I've had a really terrible last few months, let me feel sorry for myself just for a minute and then I'll be over it, promise. Starting in September, shortly after getting into blogging, I was strangely banned from Google Adsense, I was then banned from a self-help website shortly after. This self-help website, Stevepavlina.com, was the site that got me motivated to start this blog. A couple weeks later I went through an incredibly stressful ordeal where suddenly I was under the impression I was losing my monthly bus passes (so I can get around and get to school) as well as my monthly cheque so I can pay rent and buy food. Then over the past couple weeks my best friend, who has since moved to the USA and started a family, started harassing me randomly. His family also started sending me horrible emails and I had no idea what was going on. Basically, things have been crazy for me.

Some of this I could turn positive, which I always try to do no matter what happens in my life. Losing my monthly money would just mean I go out and find a job, which would obviously lead to a better life for me anyways. I would just have to put my school on the back burner, but I could possibly do both, I'm sure a lot of people do that. Losing that friend means he wasn't worth it anyways. My family has helped reassure me that anybody who does what he and his family did, aren't worth my time and patience.

So now here we are, my Playstation 3 died on me today. Now what? What about this blog? It's Thanksgiving today so there won't be anything open today, so I'm here at home with nothing to do. Nothing to do? Normally I would be playing on my Playstation 3. Either watching some show or movie, browsing the internet, chatting with friends, or of course, playing games. But it's Thanksgiving, perhaps it's fitting that today my PS3 kicked the bucket yet again. I should be out of my room and hanging out with my dad, his girlfriend Brenda, and my step-brother Eli, who's staying with us until early next year. (EDIT: I played Monopoly, my dad won)

So, what will I do in my free time? What will I post on this blog? I was sick for a week but now I'm feeling much better, so this week should be a pretty productive week I think. I could go to school tomorrow in the morning/early-afternoon and scatter some resume's out into the world as well. I was hoping to get the job at my local Value Village but I haven't got a call back, I should head back in and see what's up since it's been a couple weeks. I should take advantage of my bus pass while I have it.

My PC isn't all that great but I've begun installing World of Warcraft. I never got into the game much but I own the first expansion, Burning Crusade (In digital form) and the WoW DVD, which I actually bought a DVD-ROM for years ago. So I will at least be playing something to keep myself sane. I also need something to write about, so assuming the installation and account re-activation goes smoothly, I'll write about my experiences with World of Warcraft. I'm also going to be doing blog posts on my life activities without my PS3. With all the crap that's happened in the past few months, I deserve the opportunity to create something good. I'll create some positive experiences out of this if it's the last thing I do. Sometimes it takes something extreme to get people moving in life, I think this last incident has pushed me over the edge.

Anyways, I'll find something to write about as time goes on. These are just a couple ideas I've been thinking about today. Oh, I just thought of something else while going through and editing this post, what about the Maple Leaf games? I could start blogging weekly on Leaf games and hockey in genreal. I'm not sure if anybody would really care but that does count as television, and this is a television/gaming blog. I do love watching hockey, and I do love my Leafs. We'll see how it goes though. So far the Leafs are 2-0 on the season which hasn't happened since 1999.

Alright, my rant is finally over. There are a lot of positives going on around me that I have to keep in mind. I currently still have money coming in, a place to stay, food to eat, a bus pass until at least the end of October, and a loving family that are always here for me. It's also been pretty sweet living with my brother Eli. He's excellent company and I wish him all the best in life. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I already had a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday at my sisters and it was excellent. Really great seeing everyone again and geez those Swedish potatoes were good, thanks mom! Another Thanksgiving dinner tonight though, smells good so far. Take care everyone and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.