Friday, October 8, 2010

Dexter / Season 5 - Episode 2

I've been pretty sick this week so it's taken me awhile to get going on writing some articles. I just watched Sunday's Dexter though and it got me out of bed to write about it.

We finally have the true start to the season's story arc with a case for both Dexter and his co-workers to solve. I actually forgot that we didn't really have a season arc started yet from last episode. Read on for the details on what I thought about the second episode of the season.

Dexter's sister Deb has the entire Dexter household move into her apartment. However, she ends up with nowhere to sleep! So she goes over to Quinn's house to sleep, but no touching with his "grubby little sausage fingers." I really like how Quinn is acting around Deb, she sends out so many mixed signals, it would piss me off so much, but Quinn takes it in strides. He's even joking around with her about it. I think he knows that he'll break through her tough exterior eventually. That is, unless he finds out about who Dexter really is by the end of the season, I think things could get very interesting from here on out.

I'm not really sure what's going on with the Batista/LaGuerta relationship. It wasn't that big of a deal that she had money saved away for retirement. I do love how they argue though, very mature like. No yelling and screaming, just a proper discussion with a little bit of sarcasm. Pretty cool. I cheered for Batista when he punched out the guy in the bar at the end though. Poor Masuka took an unexpected hit to the face. I was waiting for Masuka to pull out his giant Magnum to defend himself.

I connect with Dexter on a couple different levels, I don't think I'd watch the show if I didn't. He gets so obsessed with details. He always needs to find something to occupy his mind, some new mystery to solve, or a wrong to make right. In this episode he finds a small blood stain in a storage space and can't ignore it. Eventually Dexter and baby Harrison go for a late night stroll to investigate the blood stain. The two kind of have a father and son bonding moment as well. This show is so strange. Anyways, Dexter finds some hand prints and realizes that he is most likely on the right track to a serial killer. I had no idea that this killer was going to be a season long story. Well, it'll go on for at least another episode anyways. I'm pretty intrigued to see where this goes.

Probably the most notable moment in this episode, for me at least, was when Elliot was trying to talk to Dexter. Elliot being the extremely annoying neighbour that had a quick fling with Rita, just a kiss really. Dexter obviously wanted Elliot to just shut up already. While Dexter was packing, and Elliot is still rambling on about Rita, a bundle of knives fall to the floor. Dexter goes to pick them up and holds a rather large one, with Elliot standing right over him and babbling away. For a moment, you could see that Dexter thought about jabbing that knife and shutting him up. This is not quite the Dexter we know, although he's acted irrationally before. Like with Cody and Astor's idiot father in season 1. After that spontaneous kill in the last episode, I think Dexter is going to have more of these random, serial killer-type feelings. Certainly makes for interesting character development.

Quinn remembers Kyle Butler and seems to be intrigued. To say that Dexter is good at spotting like-minded serial killers, Quinn seems to be able to sniff out trouble as well. This could definitely make for an interesting season if Quinn finds out about Dexter. I'm excited to see where this goes and how it's resolved. I loved Dokes from the first two seasons and maybe this could turn into a similar situation with Quinn. Who knows? Anything can happen at this point.

I'm sure I've missed a few things to discuss. I actually watched this episode a few days ago but I've been pretty sick for most of this week. So I apologize for any out there that care for this being so late. I still have to watch and write about The Event, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Eastbound and Down, and probably some other stuff I've forgotten about. Also the NHL season has just started and the Leafs won their first game of the season in spectacular fashion tonight. Busy busy and oh so tired lately. I can tell I'm starting to get better though so maybe by this weekend I'll be ready to get watching and writing once again. Thanks for checking this out!