Thursday, October 14, 2010

World of Warcraft / Jerik in Azeroth 1

I started as a Night-Elf Hunter on the Ysera server, I'm currently level 13 and things are going quite smoothly so far.

As of last night I was finally able to log into World of Warcraft. Pretty much proving that it was an issue on Blizzard's end and not so much my end. The character I started a few days ago also appeared suddenly so I could pick up where I left off the other night. The only issue I'm experiencing since the patch is a huge drop in frame-rate about every 10 minutes of playtime. It's very strange, but not currently game breaking. I'm hoping they get things sorted out before too long.

I've only played for a handful of hours, but so far I don't see myself turning into one of those geeks that get seriously addicted to WoW. I never really understood that anyways. Sure, I get obsessed about stuff, quite often actually. I was pretty obsessed with getting WoW working to begin with, but now that I'm playing it, I can take my time with it. It's not going anywhere and it only cost me $15 to play it until the middle of November. Not bad if you ask me.

In game so far, I've done pretty good for myself. I've taken up the Leatherworking and Skinning professions. I kill stuff, such as panthers, then skin them and turn their hide into useful items. Pretty basic stuff for now. I can make Light Armor Kit's to permanently increase my armor rating on the equipment I wear. I also worked a little on Cooking and First Aid, but not much really. I can cook up disgusting Spider Legs into kabobs or make bandages, but that's about it for now. Again, I just got started.

I did meet one interesting guy though. I was running around in the field trying to finish up a quest when a veteran player asked me to wait. So I stopped and saluted him. He proceeded to give me an interesting scroll that would cast a spell on me. Some protection spell or something. Cool. So he gave the scroll to me and took off right after I thanked him. Inl my previous experience with WoW (Which has been very off and on for a couple years now) I don't remember ever having a conversation with anyone. I wave and salute almost everyone I come across while questing solo, but hardly get a response back. This time I did, and I didn't realize it until after he left, but he didn't just give me that scroll. When I went shopping for more skills next I noticed I had 5 gold! Quite a bit for a low level character. More than enough gold to buy all my skills and upgrade all my gear. Thanks random guy!

I always spent a lot of time helping people out on Final Fantasy XI when I played it. I absolutely loved fishing so I would always ask my Linkshell (the guilds in FFXI) if anyone needed any free fish. You know, for cooking and questing, stuff like that. I've met some pretty awesome people over the years from doing just that very thing. Great thing about MMO's, compared to other genres, is if you're generous and respectful you'll find that other good-natured players will gravitate toward you eventually. Same thing can be said for real life as well. Don't surround yourself with negativity and always try to be positive and good things will follow.

Okay, so we'll see if I can keep it up with these WoW posts for awhile and see where it goes. At least until my PS3 gets fixed, which I really don't know when I'll be able to do that. Hopefully sooner than later because I'm missing some of my shows as well as new games like Fallout: New Vegas, which comes out on the 19th of this month. I should get to writing another Supernatural post however, so maybe I'll get to that tonight. Thanks for reading and take care everyone.