Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World of Warcraft / Jerik in Azeroth 2

I'm back to write about my travels through the World of Warcraft. The game has been running absolutely smooth since I had all those issues before, which resulted in a much better experience for me.

I don't log tremendous hours into the game, I have more important things that I should be attending to. I haven't felt that infamous addiction that supposedly sets in with World of Warcraft, not yet anyways. Perhaps it's coming.

Jerik, the Wood-Elf Hunter, is now level 21 and has a few different pets that follow him around. Namely a bear named Shakey, and a panther named Marston. I'm damn sure that you couldn't carry more than one pet with you at all times before this most recent patch, I could be wrong though. Shakey and Marston are always at my call and I can swap them back and forth at any time.

I've also learned the Dual Wield passive ability. Although I'm still keen on using a two-handed sword though. At least I have the option of dual wielding if I happen to find a couple nice single-handed weapons. Every time I try to use dual weapon fighting, I end up finding a better two-handed weapon than the last one I was using. So Dual Wield hasn't got much use as of yet.

I'm also now using a Blunderbuss, a very loud shotgun of sorts, rather than the bow I was using for the longest time. I honestly can't remember where I found it, but it was dropped as loot from an enemy. It was quite a bit better than the bow I was using previously so I decided to keep it, even though I prefer bows. I'm sure I'll find a nice long-bow to replace it sooner or later, hopefully. I end up quickly turning my speakers down late at night because of how loud the blast is when I fire the thing.

When Jerik hit level 20 I was able to track down a riding trainer and purchase my first mount. I went with a darkly striped giant panther to ride around. It's pretty cool actually. I certainly move around a bit quicker than before, and there is hardly any re-cast when I dismount. I can just hop on and off at will really. I'm finding it pretty handy, but I want one of those horses that can walk on water. Now those look fancy.

Lastly, I've joined up with a guild. I can't remember what they call themselves, but the next time I log into WoW I'll be sure to write down some details to use for these blog posts. Such as what weapons and equipment I'm using, skill names, guild info, etc.

Also, are these screenshots turning out super dark or is it just me? I know I have a mostly crappy monitor but they seem darker than usual even when posting on this blog. Hmm.. anyone that feels like commenting please let me know. Maybe I'll try to brighten them up a bit.