Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World of Warcraft / Jerik in Azeroth 4

Character: Jerik Night-Elf Hunter
Server: Ysera
Level: 32
Pet: Level 31 Spider
Working on: Finding somewhere to level

Over the past 5 days I've put more hours into WoW than I'm used to, the big downside is that I've completed so much I'm not sure where to go next.

My quest log is absolutely empty. I've completed all the quests I could find in the Night-Elf area and I've begun to venture into some Horde Territory where they've offered me a few simple and low-level fetch quests. The town of Ratchet and the overall Barrens area is quite familiar, so I assume I've traveled there with either my Blood-Elf Paladin, or my Tauren Druid. Both previous characters of mine from a couple years back. I plan on asking around my guild to see if anyone has any idea where I should head next to find more quests geared towards my level. Perhaps I'm done with the serious questing and I should simply work towards finding other players to group with. Probably a good idea. One of the things that drew me to WoW though was the fact that I didn't have to rely on other players and I could play at my own pace. At anytime I could log off and do something else if I felt like it.

I also finally decided to try another pet. The spider pet is kinda neat though actually. He has a Web attack that completely stops the enemies in their tracks most of the time. Great for a Hunter class that is just shooting arrows from afar anyways. I still plan on finding yet another pet though sometime down the road. I saw someone with an alligator type pet so I might go looking for that sometime.

I tried 4 matches of PvP (Player versus Player) the other day, and to my complete surprise, I didn't suck! I actually kicked some ass in the first couple matches. It seems you get Honor Points to spend on items and equipment through this PvP system, which is pretty cool since you don't seem to gain any experience. At least I didn't notice I was gaining any. A couple times however, mostly in the last few matches I tried, I noticed some serious balance issues. Some players were able to instantly kill anybody that even approached them. Hitting me for well over 2k damage is pretty insane, my max HP is around 1400 I think. So far I think I've racked up around 35 Honor Points so I need to find the shops I found before so I can spend those points, or find out how much more I need to save up.

I've found some new gear, nothing super crazy though. I'm back to using a rifle again, and I found a couple Blue colored items that apparently would've sold for a lot, according to my guild. However, they were way better than the items I was using before so I gladly equipped them.

I think that's about it this week for WoW. Nothing overly exciting going on and now I'm out of quests so I desperately need some direction to find out where I should be next. I've traveled around the Barrens area and so far I've either found areas way below my level, or much higher. No quests though yet besides the really low fetch quests I've discovered. Nothing special.