Saturday, October 9, 2010

Preview / Marvel Vs Capcom 3

When I was very young and growing up in a very small town, I lived near an arcade. I wasn't all that into video games at the time but my dad took me there once or twice. I have a vivid memory of my sister being helped onto a motorcycle arcade game to try and drive. Although she couldn't have been older than 4 or 5. I discovered video games shortly after that but haven't really seen an arcade since. I did however, have access to a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 arcade unit at a local convenience store many years later.

Any and all allowance money I received (as well as any money that falls out of birthday cards) went towards Marvel Vs Capcom 2. I can't say that I ever got exceptionally good at the game, I'm not pretending to be one of those pros that was obsessed with it. But any home console game just couldn't compare with what was offered on an arcade cabinet. Everything moved so fast and slick in MvC2. It was unlike anything I had seen before.

I always ended up using the same 3 characters in MvC2. Rogue, Wolverine, and Cyclops. I have no idea why I stuck with those same characters. Maybe it was because I was spending my own cash and so I wanted to make sure I could last long enough to get my money's worth. Since those days more than 12 years ago I haven't played any MvC2. Only last year was it available on PS3 through the PSN for a measly $14.99 at the time. I still find myself using those exact 3 characters and still doing pretty well, never well enough to beat the game though, even on the easiest difficulty sadly.

Now Capcom is gearing up to launch Marvel Vs Capcom 3 sometime this coming spring. I've seen a handful of gameplay videos and it looks just marvelous, and extremely fun to play. I have to say, I'm not a fighting fan in the least bit, but it just looks genuinely fun to play. Lots of crazy action going on and plenty of familiar characters to play as.

Speaking of the characters, how about we write out a list (I have a love affair with lists) of all the playable fighters that have been announced/leaked so far. Most of the character info came from the following link on I'll also take the time to provide links to each fighter leaked so far (leaked, so take it with a grain of salt just in case) so anyone can look up what game or comic they are from. I'm also going to be adding a gameplay video that I've found, this video is the one that absolutely sold me on the game. Enjoy!


Captain America
Iron Man
She Hulk
Doctor Doom
Mister Fantastic
Super Skrull
Emma Frost


Mike Haggar
Frank West
Chris Redfield
Viewtiful Joe
Tron Bonne