Monday, October 18, 2010

Supernatural / Season 4 - Part 2

Dean's been to hell and back and Sam's sleeping with a demon, this show has gone in a direction that I would have never anticipated back in the first couple seasons.

We have a serious war going on between the righteous angels and the despicable demon's. While Dean's doing god's work, Sam's using his demonic abilities more and more as Ruby feeds him her blood to make him stronger. These two characters have gone in such different directions, yet are still together and trying to fight the same opposing force.

Episode 7,  It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (Written By: Julie Siege, Directed By: Charles Beeson)

It's a few days before Halloween and Sam and Dean investigate two mysterious deaths in a small town. The brothers find hex bags and deduce a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon named Samhain. Castiel arrives in town and tells Sam and Dean the freeing of Samhain is one of the seals that will lead to freeing Lucifer. Castiel brings a specialist angel named Uriel to smite the entire town.  - Wikipedia

Castiel introduces a new sidekick angel buddy named Uriel. This guy isn't the touchy-feely type of angel, not at all. This guy wants to wipe this town off the map to handle "one little witch", as Dean puts it. Dean says he can take care of the witch, the angels reluctantly agree.

Sam also gets to finally meet Castiel, a pretty big moment I thought. Sam is in complete awe when he's in the presence of a real angel, but pretty quickly realizes that these angels aren't anything like he imagined. These guys are more like warriors sent to fight a war, a war that the Winchester brothers are trying to fight as well. I feel that they act more human than anything else really. They also let Sam know that they've noticed that he hasn't used his powers lately, and they appreciate it.

At the end there, Sam used his powers to stop Samhain in his tracks and all Sam got was a bit of a headache and a nose-bleed. Sam's dealing with pretty powerful stuff now, he pulled that demon right out and drove it to hell without saying a word.

Episode 9,  I Know What You Did Last Summer (Written By: Sera Gamble, Directed By: Charles Beeson)

Ruby heard some demons whisper about a girl in the psychiatric hospital who suddenly became a target for demons, and points Sam and Dean in the direction to protect Anna Milton before Hell gets their hooks into her. After a close encounter with a dangerous demon powerhouse, Alastair, whom Dean remembers from Hell, Sam reveals what happened to him in the months without Dean. Castiel and Uriel appear and the Winchesters realize it has become a fight between Heaven and Hell for the girl. - Wikipedia

This episode was absolutely amazing, and was part 1 of a mini mid-season finale-esque episode. Lots of angels and demon's, just what I was hoping for this season. We get introduced to a girl named Anna who can hear the angels whispering in her head. She hears their plans, and they seem to talk quite a bit about Sam and Dean. They don't like Sam all that much it seems, but they have big plans for Dean.

We also got to find out what Sam has been doing for the past several months while Dean was in The Pit. Seems he was drunk on revenge, and alcohol. Sam was tracking Lilith down to fight her until Ruby swooped in and started training Sam to use and control his super-powers. While Sam was telling Dean that he had been seduced by Ruby, I was shocked that all he could say was "Too much information". The Dean we all know would normally be irate, not simply disgusted. I guess when I think about it, Dean has had a close encounter with a demon before, he was trapped in a basement with a hottie such as Ruby for a few hours. He didn't give in though, not like Sam. Also, I still don't trust Ruby one bit. I still haven't figured out her motive yet. I'm not sure if she's sang a story to Sam yet about why she's helping him, can't remember, but since I don't remember, I'm obviously not convinced. She's gone through a lot to help our boys out, including being shunned by her own kind. So it has to be something spectacular that takes a lot of planning and work. Hmm...

Episode 10, Heaven and Hell (Written By: Eric Kripke, Directed By: J. Miller Tobin)

Dean and Sam figure out why Castiel and his superior/handler, Uriel, the Archangel of Purity, want Anna Milton dead when the three of them are forced to go on the run, not only from heavenly and vengeful angels, but from Alastair and his demon minions who also try to track down Sam, Dean and Anna. - Wikipedia

This episode picked up right where the last one left off, Castiel and Uriel arriving to take Anna away. She can listen in on heavenly conversations so that makes her extremely important, and if the demon's get a hold of her, she could be dangerous. Anna doesn't just simply act as a radio receiver though, she uses a witchcraft like spell to send away Uriel and Castiel. That's some serious mojo I'd say.

So, Anna is an ex-angel. I totally forgot about that I have to say. I thought she was a prophet or something for the angels, but I did find it strange that they were interested in her, and not simply protecting her. They just wanted her to be vanquished so they wouldn't have to worry about the demon's listening in on the angels private conversations. Anna pulled out her Grace and then fell to earth, crazy stuff. I keep saying this, but because it's my damn article, I'll say it again, Supernatural keeps surprising me. I like shows that surprise me and keep me guessing. Supernatural as a show isn't perfect, there are those episodes and storylines that annoy me, but the stuff it does right overshadows all of that.

The scene with Sam and Dean in the front seat of the Impala, while Anna and Ruby hang in the back. Epic. "This feels like a bad joke" says Dean, referring to the angel and demon in the back seat, "or a porno". Then Sam reminds Dean once again to keep reality and pornography separate. Dean reminds Sam that none of this truly feels like reality. I have to say though, my mind would also be in the gutter with those two sharing the back seat. I'm sure the trip was pretty awkward from then on out.

Dean sleeps with an angel, while Sam shares that he's slept with Ruby, the demon. That is so backwards to me. It was a great mirror moment in this episode though. Sam might be slowly going dark-side while Dean is beginning to get on the Castiel train. These were an excellent couple of episodes I thought. I don't remember too much else from here on out in season 4, but if it includes more angels and demon's then I'm all for it.

Episode 15 Death Takes a Holiday (Written By: Jeremy Carver, Directed By: Steve Boyum)

The brothers investigate a town where no one dies because the Reapers are being trapped. With no one left to guide the souls to the afterlife, people survive fatal gunshots, stabbing wounds, etc. Sam and Dean learn that Alastair plans to break one of the 66 seals by killing Reapers and seek the help of psychic Pamela to stop his malicious plan. But things go wrong when Pamela gets hurt. - Wikipedia

I realize that I skipped 4 episodes, but I found most of them to be inconsequential to the overall storyline. I'm also trying get caught up with how far I've seen into season 4 so far. I had a thought the other day though. When I'm all caught up and perhaps even when Supernatural is truly over, I'll go back and re-watch all the episodes I didn't write about and do a big ass article on them. If anybody likes that idea, let me know. The main thing I noticed from the past handful of episodes is that Ruby has been appearing less and less. What is she off doing anyways?

We get to see Tessa again. I didn't think this was needed, but Dean gets his memories back from the episode where he first met Tessa the reaper. When Dean was in a coma after the season 1 finale accident with the trucker. Maybe some fans were asking about that, perhaps they thought that episode was kinda pointless since the brothers weren't fully aware of what went down. Doesn't change the fact that it happened though, maybe I just don't get it. Maybe it's like the whole dream sequence where an episode takes place in a dream world, our character wakes up and some people feel cheated.

A boy dies of an asthma attack and the Winchester boys go to the dream world to find him. Seems like he's haunting his mother because Tessa the reaper never showed up to escort him to the afterlife. When Sam and Dean show up and confront him the boy starts teaching the Winchesters how to use their ghostly gifts. Eventually Sam and Dean find Alistair and begin using their recently learned abilities to take him on. Disappearing and re-appearing at will. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

Oh, earlier in the episode Sam and Dean meet up with Alistair, who's chosen a new meat-suit to wear. Alistair flung Dean across the graveyard but when he turned on Sam, he didn't even flinch. Instead, Sam tossed Alistair like a rag-doll, with just a flick of his wrist. Pretty impressive Sam! How are you getting so powerful though? Quite suddenly too. Alistair retreated pretty fast after that.

Hey, whaddaya know, Sam and Dean prevented one of the 66 seals from being broken. Castiel seemed pretty happy about it, telling Dean that "this was victory". Maybe there's some hope afterall, but then I remember that this is Supernatural. There's no hope for anyone I don't think. Not on this show.

Okay so I think that's about it for now. I have about 5 or 6 more episodes that I could talk about but I'll save them for the next post, which should be the last for season 4. Then it's onto season 5! Which I already have in my possession (thanks Brad!)