Monday, January 17, 2011

New Site Schedule In Effect / Also, rumors!

Due to increased traffic to the site, I've decided to begin running this thing on a proper scheduling system. It'll be for the best. This way, visitors can just show up at certain days of the week to get whatever they are looking for, rather than sorting through the last weeks content just to search for a show or gaming related article. I figure this site needs a little structure.

The schedule (currently) is going to be as follows:

Saturday: Open
Monday: TV/Gaming Rumors
Tuesday: PSN Update / TV Shows
Wednesday: Gaming
Thursday: TV Shows
Friday: Gaming
Sunday: Open

Saturday's and Sunday's will be completely open for me. If I'm around my computer on those days I'll be able to write about anything I want, including games and television. I may even write out some more personal articles like I've done in the past. Perhaps in the future I'll put all my content into sections so a reader can ONLY view either games or television. Whatever they want.

Today of course is all about rumors though. I've scoured the interwebs to find gaming and television related rumors and information to post right here. Tomorrow I plan to write an extensive post on my favorite episodes from the first season of Smallville, so be around to check that out.


PS3 likely to see a console version of EverQuest III
Portal 2 to contain more dialogue than expected
PS3 version of Free Realms likely to hit in February
Video of the continuously rumored Playstation Phone
Mortal Kombat gets it's own ongoing webseries
Little Big Planet 2 to be epic tomorrow
Link between mental illness and gaming?