Sunday, January 16, 2011

DC Universe Online Growing Pains

It's okay to be frustrated today. It's Sunday afternoon/night and you got your copy of DCUO. You have the weekend off and you're ready to play, yet... the servers have been down for the better part of Sunday. Although SOE should of had better communication with it's fans, server downtime early on in an MMO's life-cycle is a necessary evil. Why? Read on.

Server downtime and maintenance go hand in hand with free additional content and patches. That's the way of the MMO. I really hate to say it, but if you really don't like that, go play something else. I'm not going to strictly defend SOE in this post, I'll get to the stuff that's bothering me about DCUO. For now though, I have to say that SOE is making the best product they can. It is a business after all. A functioning product means more subscriptions. More subs means more cash in their pocket. That's how it works. Here's the official word on what tonight's server downtime is all about:

Server downtime for January 16th

Attention Heroes and Villains! 

We apologize for the unexpected server downtimes today. We're working on expanding the capacity right away and there may be brief interruptions because of these efforts.This is estimated to take several hours while we make configuration changes and add additional capacity. We are sorry for the growing pains, but they won't last long!

Last night I had some serious issues while trying to play DCUO. Server disconnections, mega voice chat issues, and occasionally life-threatening lag. So It's exciting to me that just a handful of days after the games full release we're already getting higher capacity servers. I was afraid that this was going to be it, the servers would always show up as "full" and we'd have these issues for awhile. Although I guess it's possible that we won't even notice anything with these new servers, but I'm an optimist. SOE wants to make the best MMO they can make, especially when the majority of console owners were already iffy on the idea of subscription based gaming.

EDIT: Crisis server on PS3 is back up as of 10pm EST, assuming the rest of the servers are up too.