Monday, August 29, 2011

Bottlenecked! / Gaming & Television Chat

Bottleneck. That's absolutely the perfect way for me to describe what's been going on in my head lately. Both of the shows I've been watching for weeks now have been excellent. Those shows would be True Blood and Breaking Bad, two of my favorites. I have plenty of opinions and topics to talk about either of those shows. But I just can't put the words together.

It's a couple days left until September and there's a boat-load of great gaming goodness coming real soon. NHL12, and the NHL12 demo which I've played extensively already are a couple things I could talk about. Battlefield 3 and Skyrim are a couple more that I could probably go on and on about as well. Yet I don't. There's always so much to talk about that I'm constantly behind! Bottlenecked I tell ya!

I haven't been able to get into the groove of writing for a long while now. Part of it has to do with my website not generating income anymore. It's kinda just taken the wind out of my sails, I guess. It certainly hasn't made it easier.

Hopefully that'll begin to change now that I'm back with AdBrite. I'm not greedy, I just need to make sure I'm satisfying more than just my need to be creative. My goal is still to make a decent living doing "something" online. It's more than a goal though, it's what I feel I need to do. Something I need to figure out on my own. Properly monetizing the time I spend online is added motivation to keep coming back here to write even when I don't always feel like it. I realize now that I'll need to have that to succeed in anything in life. I don't think anyone likes to feel like they're doing something for nothing.

I still get a decent amount of page views each and every day. Mostly visitors viewing my older and more popular content. DC Universe Online, Netflix, and my Supernatural re-watch articles being the most popular right now. All of which I don't really have any passion to write about. So that kinda sucks.

DC Universe Online has turned out to be nothing like I'd imagined it to be. Which should be an entire article right there. Netflix has been pretty great actually. Been paying for it for about 4 months straight now and I always have something to watch.

I haven't done a content update in a very long time, but I will share an awesome link where I get all my up-to-the-minute Netflix Canada content updates. And Supernatural, well... I quit watching when I, once again, got to the Paris Hilton episode in season 5 where I can never seem to muster enough will-power to finish it. I will probably do another Supernatural re-watch in the future, but I feel there are more important shows I should be writing about.

The message I intended to convey with this blog post here, was that I'm trying to initiate some direction for myself, and for this blog. Which actually wouldn't be the first time I've tried to do that. However, this time I plan to keep my goals within reach. They'll be kept simple. I'm going to write a few topics out that I would "like" to write about. Please feel absolutely free to comment as you see fit.

Fallout: New Vegas

Bought it a couple months ago and I have yet to finish it. I'm still planning on getting that platinum someday! Got a few trophies this past weekend as a matter of fact.

Little Big Planet 2

Bought it day 1 back in January, though I've neglected it a bit lately. September marks the release of the Move pack however. Which looks to add a ton of new creative content.

DC Universe Online

As I mentioned above, things have gone downhill quite quickly for DCUO. The only thing keeping me around the game (though not paying for it currently) are the awesome league mates I've acquired through my travels.

Borderlands 2

Gave the first Borderlands as much attention as I would give a Final Fantasy. Almost forgot all about this one. Was announced about a week ago and there have been a few deets revealed about what the game will be like.


Phew, where do I begin? Minecraft is absolutely HUGE right now. Patch 1.8 is right around the corner and I'd really like to delve into this stuff. I'm actually a little fired up, perhaps I'll get to writing about this soon.

Final Fantasy XIV

Plenty of updates since it's failed PC launch, including the new leadership on the FFXIV team. Also, Materia and Chocobos!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

November will be the end of a lot of gamers social lives, at least until Christmas where you'll be forced to hang out with family. At least until the gift giving is over anyways. Or maybe the Christmas dinner. Either way you'll do whatever you can to get back to your PS3 (or w/e you game on)

Battlefield 3

Played quite a bit of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on PS3 a couple years back so I'm looking forward to this one. Incredibly realistic, very deep multi-player, hopefully a better single player campaign this time around (co-op!)

NHL 12

I've played the hell out of the demo already, and I have some impressions. I'll be picking up NHL 12 in September.

Breaking Bad

This season has had it's moments of awesome. None better than last night's incredible Hank moments. Seriously, he should be running that place! Oh wait, he doesn't even officially work there? Everyone else should be fired, pronto.

True Blood

I've enjoyed the other seasons for the most part, but it's had it's faults. This season however, has knocked it out of the ballpark for me. Less fairy-talk, more vamps killin and sexin it up,  Bill as king and calling the shots? Sweet. Did sookie just energy-blast someone so hard his amnesia exploded? Uh... yeah awesome.


Phew, now for the big one. Smallville was the first television show I ever got into. Bought the DVD's, got my room-mates and family members addicted. I lived and breathed Smallville for a lot of years. And just a month ago I finished it.