Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playstation Home to be Hit With a Makeover

Just today it was posted on the Official Playstation Blog that Playstation Home will be receiving a significant overhaul. A change that will "connect you with the world of hundreds of games in Home faster and better than ever before." so says Jack Buser, the Director of Playstation Home. What changes does all this include? Read on...

What's this all about?

This Home update will consist of a new "hub and districts" design that will help you find what you're looking for. Whether that's games, quests, community events, user-generated content, shopping, socialization and entertainment options, it seems this update will make it less complicated to get around.

Did he say quests?

That's right. This update seems to turn Home into a game in itself. Finally, something to get excited about in Home. I've always wanted a system like this. It's a great excuse to jump into Home, and perhaps even meet up with complete strangers if it means completing a series of quests. Something called an "Activity Board" will be the basis for this new questing system.

"Powering this Activity Board is a massive new questing system that literally transforms Home itself into a game if you so choose. From frequently updated community activities to huge, branching narrative adventures, this questing system will provide game play options delivered to you in ways never before imagined."

This all sounds well and good, but we'll have to see exactly how it works when it hits. No proper release date was mentioned in the post besides fall 2012 however.

Anything else worth mentioning?

Ah yes, couple more neat details.

"On top of all this great news, I’m excited to announce that we are going to upgrade Home’s core client to provide a streamlined initial user experience, getting you in and playing games faster than ever before."

I'm fairly interested in what this will entail considering Home has already received an update previously to help with the navigation. I don't use Home all that often, but when I do, I have no problem getting to where I need to go fairly quickly and with little effort. So I'm a little interested to see how they can improve the interface further.

Also, in the comments below the original post, Jack Buser responded to a fan question about the in-Home trophy display that was mentioned ...forever ago. Here was his response.

"We hear you, and want to assure you that we are committed to enabling you to display in Home your accomplishments as a gamer. Our vision has evolved to a system that spans across all of Home, and integrates into your every day experience on the PS3.
This began with the wide range of collectable Home items that unlock after in-game objectives are met, both in Home games and in some of the top PS3 and PSN titles, including Red Dead Redemption, Street Fighter IV, and many more…
This strategy has evolved into “Total Game Integration” where your activity in Home can unlock exclusive content in your favorite games, including special weapons, experience points, and much more. Examples include Killzone 3, Dead Island, and more to be announced soon.
Home integration into your favorite games and the ability to display your accomplishments is very much a priority for us, and we are looking to expand the variety of ways this is implemented in the future."