Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Combination of Thoughts and Ideas

I haven't had as much time to write as I'd like, wait... let me try that again. I haven't felt the overwhelming need to write about my personal thoughts and interests like I did when I started this website. Currently, money is a big motivation for me, and as of right now, I haven't made a cent on this site. That's certainly not to say I haven't gained a tremendous amount of knowledge since I started this back in July. Knowledge that will surely help me with any future-endeavors I decide to explore in the future. But money was a big motivation for me when I had the idea to get on the web and DO something productive, yet fun. I just need to keep working towards understanding this complicated jig-saw puzzle they call website monetization.

It's strange how I actually feel guilty writing about how money was the leading factor when I began this site. Everyone needs a cash flow, though a lot of people want it more than others. I've never been wealthy, and never had more than $700 in my bank account at one time. If you include the few minor debts I have, I've probably always been in the minus column when it comes to cash. I've always just barely got by, which was fine with me. As long as I can buy myself enough food to get through the week, and buy myself a video game a month, I'm just peachy. However, last year I began thinking about my future in ways I haven't previously, like Financially.

As of this moment, I'm not exactly sure what other avenue's I need to take to make money through this particular website. I started it with the hopes that eventually I would have enough high-quality content to bring in enough visitors so ads on my site would make sense. Perhaps the subject matter isn't all that great (despite getting 150-300 visitors a day on average), but it's really what I know best. I've spent a lot of my time playing video games and analyzing television shows. It's what I've always done with my spare time, ever since I was a kid. Figured I should probably try to do something with all this knowledge. Perhaps make a buck or two while doing it. So far though, that hasn't panned out.

I've had plenty of jobs that range from working with my hands in a factory, to dealing with customers in a call center. I've jumped from one job to the next, hardly sticking with the same job for more than a year. Something always comes up to ruin the party, then I always have to make a change. Usually that happens right around the moment I think to myself, (or sometimes say aloud) "Wow, I'm actually pretty happy with where I am in life right now." Then I lose my job, my apartment, my girlfriend, and I go back to school while I look for work. 10 years ago I turned 20, and this same cycle has happened at least 3 times now. I don't want to work at a dead-end job, no matter how many people tell me "It's just what people do." I won't accept it. I need to do something I feel passionate about.

I've always loved to be creative. Not simply enjoying the act of drawing and writing, but actually BEING creative in general. I like to create things. The final product is what's important to me. Make something from nothing. This website wasn't here a year ago, I created it. It's an awe-inspiring feeling when you make something significant like a website with over 100 articles. Creativity is something that drives me. What better way than to create something that everyone on the planet could potentially enjoy? Especially when there's a strong possibility that if I work hard enough at it, I could make enough passive income to get by. Wish I would of started this site years ago, now I feel like I'm playing catch-up to what could of already been.

As of right now, I'm looking at a program called Site Build It!. Pay $30 a month and you get all the resources you need to start your own e-commerce website. It's also a Canada based company, so I don't have to worry too much about whether I'm even able to sign up or not (You know ...because I'm Canadian.) It sounds like a great deal considering all the tools you get to help bring traffic to your site, and turn that into passive income. Problem is, I don't know what type of site I want to make. All I know is I want to do something on my own time that I can be passionate about. I need to find that one topic that I have interest in that is also in high demand, but not a topic that is over-saturated with e-commerce sites already.

I need to find where I fit in this puzzle and figure out if this is even the path I should be taking. I've read plenty of great reviews on SBI!, and I'm constantly being bombarded with proverbial road-signs almost every day. Each one pointing me in the direction of this popular income generating program. As my brother-in-law so simply put it, "What's $30 a month to at least try it?" He's spot on, of course. I'm feeling more and more that this is the piece of the jig-saw puzzle that I was missing. SBI! should give me everything I need to succeed in starting up my own online business, or at least learning a hell of a lot more about how to do it on my own.

Why haven't I done it yet then? There's still something holding me back from diving in. It's like I have this road-block in my head, and I think I might know why it's there. Paying $30 to get started feels like I'm just helping someone else make money. Someone else came up with the idea to offer expansive yet easy-to-use web-building tools that just about anyone can use. On the other hand though, once I start making more than $40 a month with my own SBI!-assisted website then I'll be making profit, and doing something I actually care about. Something I want to spend my time on and continuously grow until it becomes a full fledged online business I can be proud of.

Overall, I'm pretty sure it's worth taking the risk. I've mentioned Site Build It! to a lot of people close to me, and the last thing I want is to fail at this. I truly believe that I have something to offer to the world. And with all the research I've done on SBI!, I'm very confident that through this program I'll be able to use it to my advantage. Perhaps all I need to do is take a leap of faith.