Friday, March 11, 2011

MMO FreeRealms Finally Launching For PS3

March 29th, 10 days after my 30th birthday, is going to be a pretty exciting day for Playstation 3 owners and MMO fans. FreeRealms, which launched on PC a few years back, is set to get it's PS3 debut.

DC Universe Online too expensive for ya? FreeRealms is free to play, but also has a lifetime one-time subscription of $35 if you want to get all the bells and whistles (or you can pay $5 monthly). I played FreeRealms for a few months when it first launched on PC and even though it's geared towards the "family friendly" mentality, it was a blast to play. It was something that both my 10 year old niece and myself could enjoy together.

The Official Playstation Blog broke the news today and also filled us in on some of the details. Some good, some not so much. First the bad news: You can't play with PC players, nor can you use an already purchased lifetime membership towards this new PS3 version. That's it for the bad news, unless you were looking for Move support or PS+ content. Which isn't in there currently according to Stephen Bokkes, the one that revealed this new version of FreeRealms. There is however, plenty of good news: We get full trophy support (46 trophies) all the mini-games that were included in the PC version, all adapted to the dualshock3 controller. So that's cart-racing, tower defense, puzzle games, demolition derby, soccer, and some kind of pirate ship battle, to name a few.

The most addictive part about this MMORPG is leveing up the various job classes (they range from ninja's to mailman, seriously) as well as the in depth collectible card game. So again that's March 29th, 2011. There's no reason not to give FreeRealms a download and see for yourself why FreeRealms broke the 3-million player mark back in 2009.