Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Epic DC Universe Online Video

I've been looking for a game like DCUO for a lot of years. Awesome action-oriented gameplay, huge online community, a massive open-world, interesting comic-book story, and a firm guarantee that you'll always have something to do. But let's focus on the second last point, the story. The opening movie for DCUO is just plain awesome, hands down some of the best CG work I've ever seen. And now we have another video of similar quality, found on IGN. Check it out below along with my impressions.

I wonder when we'll have this video implemented into DCUO, and how it'll be done. Perhaps after a later mission where future-Batman shows up to explain how Lex has been deceiving everyone, that is if future-Batman survived the Brainac attack. Although, he did survive once already. How sweet is it that Batman, a non-super-powered hero seems to be the only survivor of the Justice League?