Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2011

As 2010 is about to close out, I'm beginning to think about what 2011 will bring. This year we saw the likes of God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, and Grand Turismo 5. Next year is the biggest year in gaming for the Playstation 3, assuming some of the upcoming titles aren't pushed ahead to 2012. I've decided to list my personal top 5 PS3 games that I'm looking forward to most. I really don't expect this list to mirror other gaming sites, but that's what spurred me to write it in the first place.

5. Infamous 2 (2011)

I absolutely loved the first Infamous game. Action games aren't really my favorite, but I'm a sucker for an open-world adventure with super-powers. Infamous 2 looks to really expand on that with immensely upgraded visuals as well as Cole having some handy new powers at his disposal. No solid release date has been issued yet, it's just confirmed to be a 2011 release so far.

4. Mass Effect 2 (January 18th)

After playing through the recently released Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo, I honestly wasn't all that impressed to begin with. It just seemed like the same-old 3rd person shooter with light RPG elements. Perhaps the final product is quite different, but initially I wasn't sold on the demo alone. Then awhile later I had the urge to jump back in and try again. There's something about the story that keeps bringing me back, and now I'm pretty excited to pick this one up to see what the hell is going on in this sci-fi fantasy world.

3. Team Ico HD Collection (Spring 2011)

I never owned Shadow of the Colossus for PS2, and hardly know a thing about Ico, so I'm very excited to purchase this HD collection for PS3 next year. There's just something very exciting about taking down giant behemoth creatures solo, with just a sword and a horse. Also, not only do both games come with full trophy support, but it's confirmed to have full 3DTV support as well. With this classic collection most likely going for $39.99, it's a complete steal that nobody should pass up.

2. Little Big Planet 2 (January 18th)

The original Little Big Planet was a game unlike anything the world has seen before. With the upcoming sequel, it looks as though Media Molecule are really taking the franchise to the next level. The Creatinator, Sackbots, Controlinator, and Grappling Hook are just a few of the new additions. LBP2 promises to give so much more control to the fan-base developers, while still allowing the casuals to play their favorite levels from the original LBP.

If you're not yet convinced, check out a few of these videos from the beta test. Those are ONLY from the beta. I consider myself a pretty creative guy, but I can't even imagine what the fans are going to create using these new tools. Media Molecule used to say that there was no real need for a sequel, so I really believe in these guys because they're making one, so it must really be something special.

1. DC Universe Online (January 11th)

What can I say? I'm completely addicted. I've been playing the PS3 beta test for a couple weeks now and I'm nowhere near tired of it yet. Despite the glitches, freezing, and server downtime, I'm still coming back to keep playing. There is just so much potential-awesome oozing out of this game, I just have to get in on it. It releases in just a couple weeks time and I'm so ready to jump into the finalized version.

When I began playing Final Fantasy XI back in 2004 it was nothing compared to the game it is now almost 7 years later. I'm pretty sure the same can be said for any long running MMO franchise. DCUO may or may not have a strong release, but when people are paying $15/mo for a game like this, the fans pleas are heard. I am very confident from what I've seen and been reading that SOE are going to make the majority of players happy. If not right off the bat, then just wait a month or two, because then you'll be seeing the new content and updates come flowing in. At least, that was my experience with FFXI. Things got fixed, updated, and added on a pretty regular basis, even years later.

Honorable Mentions

No, I haven't forgotten about all the other amazing games to be released in 2011. But I'm an RPG nut for the most part. I miss the good old days of classic PS1 RPG's and so I'm picking from what we got coming up. Killzone3, Uncharted3, Dead Space2, Batman: Arkham City, Resistance3, and perhaps The Last Guardian are all going to be kick ass 2011 games, no doubt. They just aren't at the top of my list. This was just a top 5 afterall. I am excited to play all of those games I just mentioned, but I won't be buying them the day they are released, if I buy them at all.

The only exception perhaps being Killzone3, because I absolutely loved the second one from beginning to end. It was pretty much my first in the First Person Shooter department, and Killzone3 would probably end up as 6th on my list. Anyways, thanks for reading. If you're going to comment below then list some of the games you're looking forward to next year. Perhaps I totally forgot about some great RPG's coming next year, feel free to call me out on it.