Thursday, December 23, 2010

DCUO Post-Patch Patch

Only a few days since the huge 3gb patch we see yet another one. This one fixing multiple issues and visual glitches according to the full patch log posted on the official beta forums for DC Universe Online. Hopefully this will fix all (or some) of the freezing and loading screen hang-ups we've been experiencing often in the PS3 beta. For the full list of beta improvements, click below to continue reading.


  • Villain intro music now plays for villains when entering Gotham and Metropolis

  • Fixed a bug with group loot, where contributors were sometimes not getting cash.
  • Fixed a bug where spending trait points while in a temporary form could sometimes leave that form in a state where it could no longer perform any abilities.


  • Some weapon styles have changed.
  • Fixed a bug where items occasionally disappeared from inventory/equipment on login

Player Safehouses and City:

  • Added Point of Interest markers in the Watchtower & Hall of Doom so players can set waypoints to Banks, Mailboxes, and Respec devices.


  • The D-Pad will now be able to move selection focus upon opening the Trade.
  • Fixed issue with gamepad buttons always displaying in Disband League confirmation dialog.
  • Fixed PS3 Tell functionality with the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed issue with the Social button in the League panel displaying and overlapping when using the gamepad.



  • Some Booster Gold exploration mission rewards have improved stats.
  • The level 15 mentor missions now award weapons.

 Gotham University:

  • The first Necro Magent Gruhn fight introduction sequence no longer re-plays during the knock-out screen.
  • Necro Magent Gruhn is no longer silent in his second fight

Ice Heist Baby:

  • The camera now focuses on Mister Freeze when you talk to him in the vault.

In Limbo:
  • Players will get a star on their minimap directing them to the C.A.O. Dam in the Historic District.
  • Spider in a Brainiac shield will now engage properly, spawning little spiders to attack the player.
The Super Plan:
  • Zatanna's animations now all work properly


  • Corrected the timing of the weaponize smash ability.

 Character Creation:

  • When previewing and selecting skins in character creation, your skin and makeup color will switch to a “default” value for that particular skin.  These colors can still be modified manually by the player.


  • Dialog box modality fixes
  • Map UI should be clear of the old controls hint bar
  • League MOTD should now display upon login and MOTD change.
  • Fixed issue where switching from Inventory UI or Style UI caused Inspect UI to fail to load
  • Group loot method is now set properly from the Social UI.
  • Inventory UI's Add to Collection confirmation dialog is now hi-res.
  • Fixed broken text strings in Style UI color picker.
  • Fixed issue in Map UI with selecting a rally point using the controller.
  • Fixed some combat log messages from thrown or summoned rigid bodies that were missing data.


  • Added masking and scrolling to Social UI voice chat member list.
  • Improved gamepad navigation in Social UI.
  • Locked down broadcast and system channels in Social UI chat tab settings.
  • Fixed Social UI group loot options dropdown.
  • More relevant raid/group messaging in Social UI.
  • Fixed a bug where group/raid members' nameplates weren't always showing up in the UI.
  • Prevented friend list from being displayed upon opening Social UI after another .
  • Sort by range in Social UI now functions consistently.
  • Swapped Social UI confirmation window PS3 gamepad buttons with generics on PC


  • Fixed incorrect Joker Communicator in Amusement Mile where you heard the same message twice.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect icons displaying for teleporters, and fixed missing teleporter sound effects.
  • Villain intro music now plays for villains when entering Gotham and Metropolis

 PS3 Specific:

  • League creation should now function properly on the PS3.
  • Swapped Social UI confirmation window PS3 gamepad buttons with generics on PC
  • Fixed PS3 Tell functionality with the virtual keyboard
  • Trade UI now allows ps3 players to enter cash into the input box.