Friday, December 10, 2010

DC Universe PS3 Beta Has Begun

I'm not in the beta, yet. I Want to get that out of the way first of all. Anyone that pre-ordered the PS3 version of the game and sent away their receipts to SOE received their invites. I am expecting my invite soon however. Just the other day SOE announced on the Playstation Blog that ALL Playstation Plus subscribers are going to be receiving DC Universe Online PS3 beta invites. Immediately I signed up for a 3-month subscription for $20.

If you don't know all that much about what DC Universe Online actually is, or if you're interested in what I've had to say about the game so far, check out the links right here. Otherwise, keep reading for some of my ideas on DC Universe Online character creation, an excellent DCUO podcast that I found, and my thoughts on other MMORPG's, namely Final Fantasy XIV.

Hero/Villain Creation

I've decided that when I start (either in beta gameplay or actual release) I'll start both a villain and a hero character. That way I'll be able to hang out with everyone I know that will be playing the game, instead of separated experiences because we decided to choose different sides. Now, the only question I have is whether they will charge us a small fee to have additional character slots available. There are plenty of games that do this and I really hope they don't go this route because I believe everyone will have at least 2 characters going at one time. Obviously SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) would make a decent chunk of cash if they went this route, but on the other side of things I think they want to encourage everyone to play through both storylines, villain and hero.

I have some decent superhero/villain ideas in my head, hopefully I'll be able to get them into the game in a way I'll be satisfied with. I think I'm a pretty creative guy and I've always created my own characters and put them down on paper. I think the hardest part will be what comes after the character is created: Naming. What the hell am I going to name my super-people? Actually, I've come up with some interesting names today. Let me know what you guys think. Or hell, suggest some of your own. Feel free to take any of these by the way, when I find one that truly clicks I'll keep it to myself.

- The White Messenger
- The Craw
- Charge Node
- Cobalt Fang
- Carapace Carson
- Mediocre Man
- Noct
- The Charming Albino
- The Brass Knight

Okay, so only a couple of those are any good. I'm expecting to see some terribly generic super-names when I eventually get onto the DCUO servers so don't make too much fun of the ones I've offered up. There's one thing I'm pretty sure about though: I want to make a super-hero character made of metal. I'll give him the ability to fly and eventually slap on a sweet looking jetpack as his mode of transportation. Of course saying what you want to be and actually having the character creator in front of you and choosing are two different things. I may find something else that just screams "kick-ass!" to me as I'm going through the different character options. We'll see what happens when I get my hands on it.

DCUO Unlimited Podcast

I just found this podcast a couple days ago and it's really helping me get through all this "patiently waiting for a beta invite" stuff. These guys actually visited the DCUO headquarters and spent a good amount of time in the developers room just hanging with the devs, learning all they can about DCUO. You need to check out this podcast. The link is right here.

MMO News

Square-Enix announced today that they are delaying the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV until after the prior date of March 2011. They also did a bunch of layoffs and rearranged the FFXIV team. Sounds like the higher ups are none too happy right now. FFXIV had an extremely lack-luster start on the PC and it seems they are afraid of the same thing happening with the PS3 version. For awhile I was excited about FFXIV, but lately, not so much. DCUO has stolen all of FFXIV's thunder for me. I'm definitely picking up DC Universe Online on the first day it's released and I'm playing the "wait and see" game for FFXIV. We'll see how that game turns out in the end. 

DCUO however is already looking to be a near perfect massively online comic-book game. Can't wait to jump into Metropolis and Gotham with my created hero and villain. Add me on PSN: Zemus101 if you're interested in joining up. Hopefully I can eventually nab a beta invite for the PS3 version and if I'm allowed, I'll post what I can about my experience with it.