Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crazy Going Slowly Am I

Tried working on my English short-story project. Looking at what I have written so far I just want to scrap it. So rather than do something I may regret a day later, I'll just put it off... again. For the better part of 2 months I've had this terrible sinking feeling that I'll never get this final credit. Finishing this short-story would be a nice accomplishment, even more so if I get a decent mark on it. I'll be spending some time at the school tomorrow and I'll take another look at the story then.

I thought creative writing would be a lot easier than writing an essay on a forced topic I don't really care anything about. Seems the direction that was given for each essay helped push me along. I had a steady topic to focus on. All I had to do was Google a few things and there was everything I needed to write about. I can't just simply Google and get creative writing ideas... can I?

Turns out there are plenty of resources for anyone to get help with their writing. Take this link for example. It's an extremely simple website, but shortly after clicking a few links and reading a few paragraphs, I've discovered that this nifty little site can actually give me some interesting story ideas.

I've spent most of my time, since beginning this project, researching how to become a better creative writer. I've found countless valuable resources for writing using the wonderful tool that is Google. If only I could simply apply all I've learned to the empty pages I have left. I don't think I'm in the proper state of mind to do much creatively today anyways.

It's cold and grey outside, and I'm feeling quite tired. Should of watched an episode of Family Guy with my lunch, rather than an episode of Dexter. Very dark and depressing stuff.

Posted something in the Art Gallery that I painted with Photoshop the other day. I have no idea what it is, but I'll post it here on this page. I like it. I dunno. Lately I've enjoyed designing the more abstract art. Probably because it's not something anyone else could really comprehend. Therefore nobody could properly critique it. That's also likely to be the reason why most of my life I've drawn monsters. There's a proper factual way to draw a bear, but when it comes to drawing something that isn't found residing on our planet, I can design it anyway I choose to. Therefore it's up to me to critique the things I create. No one else.