Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photoshop, this time it's Wacom!

This is my third attempt at writing a new article since my last post in April, which just so happens to be about moving away from Blogspot. I just haven't felt the passion I had last year for this site. My initial idea was to make money on this blog, once I figured out that that idea had little to no chance of coming to fruition, I lost the energy to write meaningless articles. Here I am back however, I seem to still be getting a lot of page views each and every day, so we're giving this another shot. This time with slightly different expectations and motivations.

I'm also rockin a new laptop along with a Wacom tablet. This time however, I'm not planning on writing long articles completely devoted to television and gaming.

Gaming is a funny hobby of mine. There are times when it's just about all I do in my free-time, which I usually have plenty of. Lately however, besides watching Netflix documentaries and the odd movie, my Playstation has hardly been touched. I've even lost touch with a couple close PSN friends that I used to chat with daily. Not to mention my waning DCUO interest.

My PSP has received the least amount of use this year, after finishing the Final Fantasy IV remake I've put it away and as of this moment I honestly couldn't tell you where exactly it is. The new Sony handled, oddly named Vita, has my interest peaked though.

I purchased Fallout: New Vegas a month back and played about 30 hours of it, and in the process nabbed a fair amount of the attainable trophies. However, I say "meh" to New Vegas. I even say "meh" to hardcore gaming at this present time. I'll stick with my late night PSN Magic the Gathering and Puzzle Quest to help me fall asleep when in need. That's about all I've felt like playing lately. Nothing has really excited me about gaming this summer. This fall has a nice lineup of PS3 goodness however, so I should be getting back to it later this year.

So with Wacom tablet in hand, I'll spend 90% of my waking hours in Photoshop CS5 rather than playing the Video Games. At least until The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches. I'll probably play that for 30 hours and then get back to business as usual. Same goes for Battlefield3 and NHL12, which also launch this fall.

Alright, enough about what I've been doing! Here's my page on google+ and if you need an invite, just send me a message. I've been posting all my art (there's gotta be a better name for it) on google+ lately and I'll paste em all here as well. Right below this here article actually. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions about the drawings! Until next time, whenever that'll be, have a good one!

UPDATE: It's just after midnight on 7/29/2011 and I just finished drawing something new using my Wacom tablet and Photoshop. I'm pretty proud of it because I feel it's the best thing I've ever created. What makes it a bit cooler is the fact that I drew the entire thing live on ustream. Thanks to my family for hanging out with me and checking it out! This is Lenny the ant, picture is posted right below.